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On this Grammys Weekend, I recall attending the show as a news manager and meeting music legends, but this is not the time to drop names. There is one song from long ago, which may not have won multiple awards, but is very special in my professional life.

Modesty, or being demure, is a mode of dress and deportment that intends to avoid the encouraging of sexual attraction in others. It comes from the Latin word Modestus which means keeping within a measure.

POTUS Polarization

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American polarization continues to tear at the fabric of the once-great nation and the acceleration appears to have increased over the past three years.

POTUS average job-approval ratings among GOP in his third year in office was 89 percent. Among Democrats, it was Only 7 percent.

Robert Mueller found 10 instances of Trump obstructing justice. The Russians are sabotaging our Democracy.

These alarming numbers may continue to grow as long as #USA voters keep believing Russian Propāganda.

The Year of The Rat

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Not such a Happy #LunarNewYear for all our readers, supporters and everyone else. Celebrations have been hampered by a virus outbreak in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, which is spreading. #WuhanCoronavirus

As much of Asia celebrates Lunar New Years the Coronavirus continues to spread with many health, economic, engineering implications.

During this New Year 2020, let us all work together and seek solutions to the many challenges on earth and let's build a better and healthier future for all.

The New Year of The Rat.



Digital Democracy 2020

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A district encompassing Greater Seattle is reportedly set to become the first in which every voter can cast a ballot using their smartphone.

The King Conservation District, a state environmental agency that encompasses Seattle and more than 30 other cities, details the plan at a news conference.

About 1.2 million eligible voters could take part. The new technology will be used for a board of supervisors election, and ballots will be accepted from Wednesday through election day on Feb. 11.

Top of The Hill

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Not for nothing but Adam has his Schiff together and its his time, without a doubt.

US Congressman Adam Bennett Schiff has been faithfully serving as the U.S. Representative for the state of California's 28th congressional district since 2013.

He is currently in his 10th term as a Democrat Congressman. Constitutional law experts praise him as a one-man master class in effective advocacy. Others say he’s an American hero for putting everything on the line to save our fragile democracy #SchiffShow


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I assume Einstein researcher friends, who once invited me to play a board game called Pandemic had no idea how close this would get to becoming a reality. The cooperative game Is played by helping friends beat a specific decease.

Déjà vu? Our weak position is dominated by news of a spreading respiratory virus and recalling pandemics past, from SARS in 2003 to the Ebola scare years ago.

You’re Fired

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Today is the first day of the rest of Trump’s life in many more ways than just one. May God help US.

Donald Trump is a Protestant. He attended the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens, where he had his confirmation. His parents then joined the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, part of the Reformed Church.


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Any stable genius can really tell that Climate Change is real. Bringing the carbon footprint of any city down to zero requires big changes. So what can be done, and how quickly?

The weather in New York is expected to dip into the single digits this week!

'Get Your Mops & Buckets Ready!' — Trump's Infuriating Answer To Rising Seas…