Pablo Pueblo - Paul Village

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To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, #CityImages offers in Spanish and English, the definitive words of The Latin American Anthem.


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The 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated 9-15 / 10-15Theme for this year is: "Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation." #USA

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated throughout the latter half of September and the first half of October began as a way to promote the history, culture, and contributions of LATINOS or Hispanic Americans.

Ukraine U Turn

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Vladimir Putin’s Russian military power has failed to live up to his self-described power and the Ukrainians are deflating his inflations.

Vlad is not only a little liar, but In plain English and vernacular, Putin is getting his tiny ass kicked in by the Ukrainian forces who outnumber and have overpowered the Russian Bear turning it into a scared and retrieving puppy.

Inspire Success

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Allow kids to be independent. it gives them a lot of confidence. Give them chores to make them responsible and develop character.

As an educator and supervisor, I've been asked the definition of success. My answer is when my kids, students, or former employees ask for my opinion, not money.


Children whose parents show them how it feels to help those struggling tend to start developing a compassionate outlook.

Success in parenting is built on spiritual community, disciplined and hard work. Follow the rules and do the right thing.

Agent Orange

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Why did Secret Agent Orange arrive at Morristown, NJ Airport to fly to Dulles International Airport in Virginia on September 11, 2022?

Do you want to know a secret and promise not to tell? Pay close attention and we will offer a few scenarios.

He could be under house arrest. AP says The former President was seen at his Sterling, VA golf course.

Was it a Subpoena and he's finally turning himself into the US Justice Department Criminal Division?

Queen Elizabeth II

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“Elizabeth our gracious Queen
Said that she needed to be seen
And so she wore the brightest hues
Of reds and yellows, greens and blues,
And matching hats and gloves and shoes:
When she retreated to her home
Our world went monochrome.”

Martin Bell, OBE 

Charles In Charge

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The Royal Cypher and the Royal coat of arms changes with a new king. The words of the national anthem are 'God Save the King.'

He is now the Monarch of The United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms. He acceded to the throne on 8 September 2022 upon the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Can the new King and Prime-minister be able to prove themselves worth of their new responsibilities during these trying times?  Will King Charles III begin to make pronouncements as opposed to his scrupulously neutral mom, Queen Elizabeth II? 


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What type of licensed driver would continue to navigate inside a loud vehicle and insist on speeding in a 5-mile-per-hour zone?

Hearing Loss. The SLEEP Act enforces the decibel limits set by the state's Vehicle and Traffic law, which, caps the sound between 76 and 90 decibels, depending on speed and vehicle type.

There are signs that say Baby on board, but why don't they have one that says WARNING Madman behind the wheel?


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Since its groundbreaking in 2016, EarthCam was working to document this 67-floor, fluted terra-cotta glass exterior NYC skyscraper.

It took over 48 camera angles, 8 widescreen multi-layered panoramas, and 2.5 million images to deliver this epic time-lapse movie.

EarthCam says "Our fleet of cameras from different vantage points across the city enabled us to capture incredible footage of our tower becoming a permanent part of the New York City skyline.”