Barely Browsing

Submitted by ub on Sat, 08/14/2021 - 08:23

Here’s one for the bearing it all files. Attention shoppers, there’s barely time to exit the store safely because there’s a bear over there.

The AP reports that Southland Shoppers were startled to see a bear cub browsing the offerings at a Los Angeles supermarket. 

Video aired by CBS 2 shows the small bear strolling the aisles on Saturday at the Ralphs store in the Porter Ranch area of the San Fernando Valley. 

Orchard Beach Tragedy

Submitted by ub on Fri, 08/13/2021 - 13:13

The NYPD says a total of six people were struck by lightning, including a teenage boy who has died after fighting for his life hours.

The boy 13-year-old Carlos Ramos, died at Jacobi Hospital. He was enjoying the beach on an unusually hot summers day in NYC and wound up losing his life after 7 people were hit by lightning on Orchard Beach. Did they heed the warnings?

The Friday Fun Continues

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Fun Fridays continue at 8 P on #CBS with Secret Celebrity Renovation.

SABRINA SOTO, the popular host of The High/Low Project and featured designer on HGTV. She is a renowned interior designer, lifestyle consultant, and entrepreneur. She is the youngest daughter of her Cuban parents who was born in Miami, USA. 

The World Melting Pot

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The United States of America is now officially The World's Melting Pot because of its continually increasing massive diversity

The term melting pot originated in 1908. At first, it was used as a metaphor to define the union of several cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities. Now it is official, according to The US Census Bureau.

According to new data, the Asian American population was among the nonwhite populations that grew over the last decade.

RIP Gustavo Godoy

Submitted by ub on Thu, 08/12/2021 - 20:57

I met Gustavo Godoy when he was anchoring Noticiero SIN with Teresa Abate in Miami when I had been hired as executive producer.

Gus and Tere were a likable and extremely capable Cuban anchor team, but as TV demographics continued to evolve, they made room for Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos, younger Mexican news anchors that ultimately catapulted Univision into a television news powerhouse.


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Americans got a full look at USA racial and ethnic makeup as the U.S. Census Bureau revealed data following its decennial survey.

The U.S. Census Bureau held a news conference to release of the first local-level results from the 2020 Census. States use these data on race, Hispanic origin, and the voting-age population to redraw the boundaries of their congressional and local legislative districts.

Weather Warnings

Submitted by ub on Wed, 08/11/2021 - 11:20

Excessive heat warning this week for the Northeast as well as most of the nation and a heat advisory for the remainder of the area.

Remember to have plenty of water on hand if working or traveling outside. Temperatures today will feel in excess of 100°F, so please stay cool and hydrated. Dear mother nature: Whatever it is that you’re cooking up for earthlings, it’s not only done, you're burning and melting the pot.

Andy's Gang

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New York Governor Andrew Mark Cuomo may be no mo next month, but will it save him from complete and total political humiliation?

Our Wedding Pledge

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Eight years ago we were married on City Island - A Slice of New York City Paradise. A year earlier I asked Yirong to marry me at the local NYC beach during the annual July Fourth Fireworks celebrations and extravaganza.

Human Kindness

Submitted by ub on Mon, 08/09/2021 - 12:30

Every one of us holds the power to heal. To have a real impact on the health of the people around you. We all do it daily.

This is the real reason why modern medicine is ripe for a change in perspective. Because each of us is a human being in search of kindness and understanding. Our body, mind, and spirits are one and the same.

The world's oldest news organization offers these close-up photos of this pandemic-era Olympic Games, you can imagine the world's most competitive athletes saying to their rivals: “Are you OK?”