NYC Councilman Vacca On The Move...

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On Friday, January 27, Vacca will sponsor a no-cost mammography van in front of his District Office at 3040 E. Tremont Avenue from 9 AM to 4 PM. Local women who are age 40 and over who have not had a mammogram in the past 12 months should call 1-877-628-9090 to make an appointment. The visit is co-sponsored by the American Italian Cancer Foundation, with medical services provided by Multi-Diagnostic Services. Early detection of breast cancer can save lives. Appointments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Robert Branizza Hospitalized

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City Islander and decorated military veteran, Bob Branizza continues to undergo a series of tests at Jacobi Hospital after hurting himself over the weekend.

According to his son Robert Jr, Mr. Branizza was taking down laundry on Saturday evening, when he injured himself and started bleeding. He was rushed to Jacobi, where doctors are keeping him for observation to make sure there is no concussion, or internal bleeding.

Mr. Branizza is not accepting visitors. Anyone who is interested in obtaining additional information on his condition my wish to contact the administrator on call at;


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Dramatic improvements in water and sanitation services are needed to eliminate cholera in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, health experts who took part in a United Nations-organized briefing to outline concrete steps to stem the spread of the disease in the region said today.

Headlines 1/12/12

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WINTER STORM BLAST.Heavy Winds & Rain.

PRISON RELEASES. Mississippi Governor.



HAITI QUAKE. 2 Years Later.

Picture The Homeless - Banking on Vacancy

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Frustrated by a landscape of vacant buildings and the seemingly endless cycle of horrible living conditions, rising rents that subsidies and vouchers didn't cover, and the shelter system, our members have been fighting to make the city convert vacant property into housing that poor folks can afford.

Several years and legislative battles later, activists have completed a historic city-wide vacant property count and they're releasing the report on Thursday, January 26th.

The full invitation/ information is below- please RSVP to

Gone, But Not Forgotten

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UNFORGETTABLE is a broadcast series on CBS TV 2 about a female NYPD detective who remembers everything, which helps her in her career, but haunts her in her personal life.

The cast and crew had been filming in and around City Island for the past several days. Before wrapping up their days of labor, crew members Brian Allen, who works in production and Nick Pettitta, who handles props took time to speak with City Island Images. They told us they worked hard for a few days and enjoyed City Island. They both hope to return again soon.

It's War - On NYC's Dirty Rats

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The Newly appointed big cheese at NYC's MTA used to be the city's rat czar. Joseph Lhota held that job during the 1990s under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a position which gave Lhota the unique expertise on the vermin that still plagues the NYC subway system today.

H says he will wage war on both male and female rats, but points out that a female becomes sexually mature at five months. With a gestation period only 21 days, he has little time to waste.

Headlines 1/11/12

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LAST DAY TO COMMENT. NY Natural Gas Fracking.


HOSTESS BANKRUPT. Twinkies Troubles?


Who Should Determine Dirty Words and Images?

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There are about a half million words in the English language and only seven are officially considered bad words, according to George Carlin.

Although a decision is not expected until early summer, US Supreme Court Justices seemed reluctant Today to end our government’s historic policing of the broadcast airwaves and to strike down the “indecency” rules that guide prime-time TV programs.