FYI: Office of Emergency Management

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New Yorkers should take a moment to make a disaster plan by downloading the Ready New York calendar. Filled with regular reminders that break planning into small, quick steps, these calendars can help everyone work preparedness into his or her schedule.

* Select the Mac or PC file and save it to your desktop
* Unzip or extract the file
* From the Outlook toolbar, click File -> Import and Export
* Select "Import from another program or file" and click Next
* Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" and click Next

Bronx Dominican Parade

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The Grand Concourse featured the sounds of Quisqueya today. Situated in the heart of the fastest growing Dominican community in New York City, the West Bronx parade rivals the Midtown-Manhattan celebration in excitement and attendance with its more home town carnival atmosphere. Saludos, Mama Juana!

The merengue and bachata both started at 12 noon and the parade ran south on the Grand Concourse Blvd from E. Tremont Ave to E. 167th Street, steps away from Yankee Stadium.

Que Viva La Vigen De Alta Gracia!

How Do You Prevent Hypothermia?

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We're still having a heatwave, so dress for coolness. Wear light tops and shorts. Now, time to go outside... Take a deep breath and be cool. The good news is that the hot, humid triple-digit scorcher, which taxed ConEd's electrical grid and made life uncomfortable is expected to simmer down, but forecasters say the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic will still be under that darn heat dome, which refuses to die. The National Weather Service says temperatures will begin to ease, but are expected remain in the 90s.

Underneath The News

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Oslo shooter posted anti-Muslim manifesto online before his Norway killing spree. The 32 year old massacre marauder, who was arrested purchased chemical explosives and tested a bomb.

Lots of finger pointing, but still there is no budge in US budget battle. House Speaker Boehner accused President Obama of timing of a debt-limit extension around his presidential re-election campaign. Another day without dollars after a President rips Speaker for not returning phone calls.

Headlines 7/24/11

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93 DEATHS IN OSLO. Norway Shaken.




AMY WINEHOUSE DEAD AT 27. Following Janis Joplin's Footsteps.


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The monthly meeting of the City Island Civic Assn will take place this coming Tuesday, July 26 @ 7:30 PM. It will be held in the usual location, the Community Center.


Civic Association, Minutes of Meeting held June 28, 2011

The meeting was brought to order at 7:40 p.m. The minutes of the May minutes were accepted as distributed. The treasurer was not present to give his report.


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CI Library Film Forum

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This afternoon, City Island's Public Library will feature a free film screening of The Ninth Day.
The WWII movie will begin at 2P Information @ 718 1703


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Thousands of New Yorkers are out of power as the electrical grid feverishly works on increased demands.

Meanwhile, officials at Con Ed say that they have had to reduce voltage all over their service area because their demand has broken the previous records set in 2006.