No Smoking Allowed

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Before 1750, the San Francisco Peninsula was inhabited by the Ohlone Indians. Downtown San Bruno 1950 Ohlone is the name that has been given to the many related groups of Native Americans living along the coast between Monterey and San Francisco. They were hunter-gatherers who relied largely on the bay and ocean for food.

Yesterday vs Tomorrow

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Why is it that a stable genius spends all their time watching Television, but has no vision for America's future?

25 years ago #POTUS liked to say yesterday's gone - Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

@POTUS today continually talk about the past and therefore believes in Yesterday

Trump looks to America's past, not its future

Tariff Payback Time

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Trump tariffs have a huge potential for leaving our US economy behind. As payback, China says it’s rolling out new tariffs on U.S. meat, fruit and other products as retaliation against taxes approved by POTUS on imported steel and aluminum.

This follows through on warnings Chinese officials have made for several weeks in an escalating US trade dispute. The tariffs on eight imported products, including pork, and 120 imported U.S. commodities, including fruits, mirror Trump’s 25 percent charge on imported steel and 15 percent hike on aluminum.

No More Snow

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What happened to April showers? The National Weather Service issued an NY Winter Weather Advisory with 3 and up to 5 inches of snow and creating hazardous snow conditions, sleet and freezing rain which may cause significant road difficulties. No April Fools' joke here. A wintry storm is here with more snow in Spring.

New Yorkers face a winter commute as April snows turn roads slushy

Snow in the forecast for Yankees' home opener

No April showers: 7 inches of snow forecast

Easter Services

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An average #DACA recipient was probably brought to #USA when they were 6 years old, so for all practical purposes, they're Americans. Trump wants to deport these immigrants, but they may have nowhere else to go. How can Congress let them go? Does this nation need a DREAM Act? Standing next to his immigrant wife we wonder if she was thinking about her Einstein visa?

Konfoosion and Ztoopidity

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Is today's chaos along with the deluge of fake information content causing mass Konfoosion and Ztoopidity?

Some fear after 10 years it has gotten much worse and especially this year. Overload: How technology is bringing us too much information…

We're in a dangerous time when dealing with global discourse and the people of the world must decide if we have more issues to agree on rather than disagree. There must be a way out of this international discourse rut.

Hip Hip Hooray

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It's Easter Sunday, Passover, April Fools Day and while City Images celebrate our sixth birthday all we can do or say is to follow our favorite cheerleader Olivia Gray who's proud and excited to say... Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Everyone knows Easter is a Christian holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s about Almighty God, the Creator of our universe. He sent His one and only Son to earth on a rescue mission to die for our sins.

Tracking Targets

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Who has attacked everyone and anyone he can, but keeps his hands off Vladimir, cause that's his main man?

Who slammed US allies, war heroes, celebrities, athletes, major American corporations, but his real job is to protect and defend The United States of America. Who may also be flirting with disaster and or impeachment?

In business, government, sports, and many other areas, people will put up with a great deal of self-serving and obnoxious behavior on the part of narcissists as long as the narcissists continually perform at high levels.


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If you are among the few who say they're seeing benefits from the new tax law, then look the other way. However, if you need money and believe in miracles, then this jackpot is for you.

Over a half billion dollars is up for grabs tonight, as the Mega Millions jackpot continues to rise! The estimated prize for the next drawing jumps to $502 million ($301 million cash) after no ticket matched all six numbers drawn Tuesday night – the white balls 7, 25, 43, 56 and 59, plus the gold Mega Ball 13.

Good Friday?

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Why is it called Good Friday? Christians commemorate Jesus Christ's crucifixion. So why call it Good Friday?

What is so good about the son of God being flogged, then ordered to carry the cross on which he would next be crucified on and die. It's difficult to see what is so good about Friday.

Suggestions have been made that good means that it is holy, which make more sense because, in Spanish, it is called Holy Friday others claim the phrase is a corruption of God's Friday.