The Royal Wedding

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God Save the Royal Couple as they embark on their new life together. BBC TV

The Royal Wedding 2018: Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle

Texas School Terror

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Mass murder in academia as 10 innocent lives are lost as a result of another senseless school shooting. Why does nothing ever happen in Congress to deal with gun violence? When will corrupt politicians be stopped from accepting mass donations form #NRA?

Food Fight

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The Environmental Working Group (EWG) publishes a "Dirty Dozen" list that ranks the most popular fruits and vegetables based on their pesticide residue levels.

By analyzing pesticide residue data from more than 36,000 samples tested by the USDA and FDA, this year EWG found a total of 178 different pesticides on fresh produce samples tested - residues that remain even after items are washed and, in some cases, peeled.

Here's a list of which fruits and veggies you might want to be wary of at the grocery store.

Blue Horizon Waves

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What happens when an administration and their Grand Old Party, which is in control fails to serve We The People? Stay tuned for a blue wave approaching over the horizon.

The message from the billionaire-led donors to @POTUS, @HouseGOP, and @SenateGOP in the Republican-controlled Congress it helped to shape was clear: Pass a tax overhaul, or else. So they did and there lies the problem. They made their bed and now are sleeping in for the time being.

From Honest Abe to Dotard Don

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How has The Grand Old Party managed to morph itself from Honest Abe to Tricky Dick to Dotard Don in 150 years?

#Lincoln "A government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth"... "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Abraham Lincoln's great laws of truth, integrity: A long career ruled by honesty

White House Animal Farm

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to @POTUS and #RobertMueller On their 1st year of #TrumpRussiaProbe and #USA on the 45th Anniversary of the opening of the #SenateWatergateHearings. Get closer and read carefully to the following.

How Low Can US Go?

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Today marks one year since Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel in the Russia investigation. Since then, US Senate investigators released transcripts in which Donald Trump Jr. said he couldn't remember who he talked to for 11 minutes when he called a blocked number after meeting with Russian agents in 2016. One year into the probe, which @POTUS calls a Witchunt there may be many more witches to hunt down before Halloween. Let's see, there are the sons, the son-in-law, the daughter, the VP, and last but not least, The Warlock?

Worldwide Water Warnings

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Blood is not always going to be thicker than water and there lies the problem.
As I begin to write this post my eyes are beginning to water and that's no joke, folks.
They say a tear is made of 1% water and 99% feelings and I feel awful after ready the following content.

I fear the people of the world will certainly begin relinquishing our freedom if we allow our so-called leaders to lie to us.

Net Neutrality Alert

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Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers treat all data on the Internet the same, and does not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type. Contact your US Senator and show your support for Digital Democracy = Net Neutrality

Everyone from all over the US appears to agree they don't want their cable company to control what they see online.

The Federal Communications Commission has acted recklessly by moving to repeal Net neutrality and has sparked an unprecedented backlash.

Rocket Man Dupes The Donald

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Is he just not getting it that his accomplishments are absolute BS? There goes that peace prize he claimed everybody wants to present him. Perhaps someone will offer a can of split peas or chickpeas since he like those chicks so much.

Anyone with a half brain would have realized that too much talk giving himself credit was not helping, but never a stable genius. North Korea hints at a failed president, so should there be any apologies for The American people?