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Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" Giuliani, former NYC Mayor, and adviser to the White House. Who are these two WITS?
The president and Rudy's effort to convince the public that neither POTUS nor his lawyer, Michael Cohen, had violated the law by paying a porn star to keep quiet about an alleged affair might have backfired. Giuliani May not only be a @POTUS stooge but wasn't he the one who tried to make money from his 9/11 connections?

World Press Freedoms?

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To celebrate World Press Freedom Day #CITYIMAGES sends a special greeting to our fellow journalists, reporters, photographers, editors, editors, producers, students any profession involved in narrating a reality or disseminating news.

On this 25th anniversary of World Press, Freedom Day comes a growing climate of animosity toward the news media. World Press Freedom Day was established by the @UN The United Nations General Assembly to defend the media from attacks on their independence.

May Day

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May Day is marked around the world by celebrations and protests. Historically a celebration that Spring has arrived.

The day morphed into International Worker’s Day a global observance of workers' rights after a May 1, 1886, strike by workers in Chicago demanding an eight-hour workday.

Last year in #USA, thousands of demonstrators turned out, many protesting the policies of POTUS Trump.

How workers and activists around the world marked May Day

Fire Aim Ready?

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With over a year in office and following thousands of Tweets, anyone would agree there have been few hirings and many firings.
Hired and Fired: the Unprecedented Turnover of the Trump Administration

Does everyone know and have a clear message of the administration's mission, strategy or goals?

Is it shoot for a bullseye, or more like shooting out BS? What do all these theatrics do for we the people, which is the main goal?

Summertime Weather

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Strong winds, low humidity, and dry ground conditions are increasing the threat of wildfires in some parts of the Upper Midwest, the Rockies, Central and Southern Plains as well as in the Desert Southwest, red flag warnings are in effect.

In a couple of days, the Mid-Atlantic will face elevated-level conditions, while critical-level conditions will persist in the southwest U.S. for the next few days. Therefore, NYC should prepare for the thermometer to rise as Summer-like temperatures will finally be appearing. Shorts, polos, and t-shirts will be the norm... Hello Sunshine!!!

Alcohol Kills

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According to The World Health Organization, alcohol has killed, continues to kill, and keeps killing more folks than any other legal substance.

Worldwide, more than 3.3 million deaths a year were due to harmful use of alcohol, says WHO. Alcohol consumption can not only lead to dependence but also increases people’s risk of developing more than 200 diseases including liver cirrhosis and some cancers. In addition, harmful drinking can lead to violence and injuries.

Swallowing Hard Truths

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Some truths are harder to swallow than others. There have been metaphors like Rocky, or Bad Marriage to characterize a relationship between reporters and officials. Apparently, it takes a real expert to know about these things.

US Senate Showdown

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US Senator Chuck Grassley may soon be butting heads with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a Senate showdown becomes clear.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday with strong bipartisan support endorsed legislation that would help shield special counsel Robert Mueller from any attempt by President Trump to fire him.

There are some questions about the constitutionality of the proposed legislation and Mitch McConnell will not allow the measure to get a vote.

Devil in the Details

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South and North Korean leaders, President Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong Un made news during a summit that sets the stage for a possible future high-stakes meeting.

Kim made history when he crossed over the world’s most heavily armed border to greet his southern counterpart. But how will denuclearization be achieved?

Chinese geologists confirm that a mountain above North Korea’s main nuclear test site collapsed forcing Kim to end his nuclear testing program.