Happy Birthday 75th Birthday!

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Members of Congress, as well as local dignitaries gathered today on Orchard Beach to announce the completion of a multimillion dollar face-lift of NYC's finest beach on it's 75th Anniversary.


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A new City Island Public Service Announcement "Not Acceptable" was produced by Jim Serpico and Tom Sellitti of New York based Apostle, which was directed, shot, and edited by Spot On from City Island, NY

Orchard Beach 75 Years Young...

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Orchard Beach is not getting older, it's getting better. This was the message from elected officials and community leaders today as they gathered to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Orchard Beach.

10/21/11 The New End

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Undaunted by the world not ending last time he predicted it would end and despite his insistence that it would be Judgment Day, and that "the Bible guarantees it," Harold Camping has revised his prediction.
October 21, 2011 is the day the Radio preacher now says the world will end.

US Marine killed by car in NYC

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US Marine Steve Jorgenson survived Afghanistan, but was killed by car. The young Marine run down on the West Side Highway served nine months in Afghanistan and was about to start a dangerous new training mission.
Cpl. Steve Jorgenson, 22, had signed on for a 6-month course to learn how to detect and dismantle IEDs, his grieving family said.

Big Apple Residents Do Not Like To Read

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According to a new study, New Yorkers don’t Like to read. This shocking information has been compiled by Amazon.com, which sorted through purchases made on their site and came up with the top 20 most well-read cities. The study took into account book, magazine and newspaper sales – in print and Kindle format since be beginning of 2011.

According to these questionable figures, Cambridge, Massachusetts has the most readers and a lot of Amazon shoppers because it is listed as number one. Believe it or not, New York City didn’t even make that top 20 list.

New Yorkers have plenty of independent bookstores to shop at in our concrete jungle. We don’t need AMAZON.
If you still want to look at that Amazon.com list, which does not include NYC...

Violent Video Games Cause Agression

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Scientists have warned for years that playing violent video games causes players to become more aggressive.

The researchers found that participants who played “Call of Duty,” “Hitman,” “Killzone” and “Grand Theft Auto,” were more aggressive – than participants who played a nonviolent game. In addition, for participants that had not played many violent video games before completing the study, playing a violent game in the lab caused a reduced brain response to photos of violence – an indicator of desensitization. Moreover, this reduced brain response predicted participants’ aggression levels: the smaller the brain response to violent photos, the more aggressive participants were. Participants who spent a lot of time playing violent video games before the study showed small brain response to violent photos, regardless of which type of game they played in the lab.


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SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2011 • 2 pm • Van Cortlandt Park (Broadway at 246 Street)
David Gilbert-Papo Vazquez-Halley Gilbert

Free Concert by City Island Musician

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Ms.Yirong Chen, who has performed and played her Chinese classical instrument all over the world will offer a free area concert.

Yirong Chen will be performing on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 @ 1P Free Admission
St. Paul's Church National Historic Site
897 South Columbus Avenue
Mt. Vernon, NY 10550

City Island Images...

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CIMAGES offers nonpartisan news and information content, dedicated to rebuilding a reliable civic structure that allows each and every clam digger and muscle sucker to excersice their individualism through common sense, personal kindness and professional consideration.