Headlines 7/30/11

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CONGRESSIONAL STANDOFF. Resolution or Lock-down?

GOVERNMENT INACTION? http://www.factcheck.org

NY PLANE CRASHES ON RUNWAY. After Landing and Breaking in Guyana.

WEATHER STORM MESS. Thousands Loose Power.

CITY ISLAND JUSTICE. Say No and Go Away to Public Nuisance.

Teens Walk Tall

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A dozen Bronx teenagers have been awarded the New York Urban League Whitney M. Young Jr. Scholarship. Over 40 scholarships were awarded citywide and those recipients are going to colleges like West Point Academy and Connecticut College. The Whitney M. Young, Jr. Scholarship Fund Award ceremony awarded 43 New York City students $131,500 in scholarships. KUDOS to all of them.

Adenike Alice Adeagbo YP Emerging Leader Scholar
Lizette Alexander Whitney M. Young, Jr. Scholar
Nadya F. Antoine Whitney M. Young, Jr. Scholar
Petroni Bascombe YP Emerging Leader Scholar

Underneath The News

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US Debt crisis talks continue, while congressional representatives are incapable of averting a meltdown.
White House takes it to the American people.

NYC's World Trade Center Memorial will open on the tenth anniversary of 9/11/01. The public has requested a couple hundred thousand reservations so far.

Sicilian becomes new Gambino topper, following John Gotti's coat tails.The mob boss Domenico Cefalu, an ex-convict, who now takes care of his mom.

Multidimensional Clamdigger

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At birth, he was classified as a Clam Digger, then grew up to become a journalist and a scholar. When little Patrick Rocchio was born at Einstein Medical Center, his mom and dad lived here on City Island, qualifying him for that special status - "Clam Digger".

Headlines 7/29/11

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GLOBAL PRESSURE GROWING. Debt Ceiling Talks Breakdown.

BRONX FLOOD MESS. Dozens of Businesses in Danger.


STINGRAYS OFF SHORE. They're Spotted In Seaside.

CLAMDIGGER, JOURNALIST, SCHOLAR. Local News Reporter Profiled.


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* Employment - Jobs @ Census
* Student and Research Opportunities


* Doing Business with Census
* Small Business Opportunities
* Small Business Contacts for all Commerce agencies
* Small Business Specialist - Contact our small business specialist at 301-763-1864
* Procurement - doing business with Census

Research and Programs

* Federal-State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates (FSCPE)
* Fellowship Program
* Research Opportunities
* International Programs

Other Agencies


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What do you think would happen if couples on City Island, or anywhere else got along as poorly as these so called Democrats and Republicans? Our divorce courts would be jammed with battling individuals.

Well, if these two groups do not learn how to get along soon and the U.S. government defaults, we the people, the registered voters of this great country may have solid grounds for divorce, with irreconcilable differences.


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City Islanders shopping at Dunkin’ Donuts (DNKN) may want to add a fews shares of DNKN to their next order.

The stock value has jumped 47%, up from its initial list price of $19 per share to $27.85 per share and rising.

You may also wish to have a dozen jelly and chocolate covered donuts with that next order.

636 City Island Ave City Island, New York 10464 - Phone: 718-885-3057 Open 6a-10P


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Although USPS operates 31,871 Post Offices around the country, it's down from 38,000 a decade ago.
However, business has declined as letters give way to E-mail.

Below is a video link for Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz speaking @ rally on the potential closure of 17 Bronx Post Offices and the removal of processing services from the Bronx GPO.



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The following free concerts will be held from Aug. 2 to August 30, 2011. These attractions have become a summertime tradition to area residents. The Bronx Council of the Arts and Arts Westchester are also co-sponsoring the concert series.

For more information, call Senator Klein's Office at 1-800-718-2039. For the latest information including the latest updates, and when a concert is moved to a rain location, visit www.senatorklein.com, “friend” Senator Klein on Facebook and follow @JeffKlein34 on Twitter.

Remember to bring folding chairs and blankets to the these live performances.