Guitarist Andrew Geddis

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The Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA) and Wave Hill’s “Sunset Wednesdays” continues BCA’s “Bronx Beat” series on July 27 with a 7:00pm concert featuring BxIndie musicians. All concerts are free with admission to the grounds. Admission: Free to Wave Hill members and children under 6; $8 for adults; $4 for students and seniors 65+; $2 for children 6+. For concert information, visit or call 718-931-9500 x33 or call Wave Hill’s Martha Gellens at 718-549-3200 x232.

Wednesday, July 27th at 7:00pm

You've got mail, but maybe not here.

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USPS has announced that 17 postal locations in the Bronx are being studied for potential closure. Do you think The Bronx can afford such a considerable loss of both jobs and commercial activity? Please speak up!

The federal government must seriously reconsider enacting any post office closure plan that would have a serious negative impact on Bronx communities.

The Bronx Borough President's Office says they will continue to follow this process to ensure that the collective voice of The Bronx is heard on this important matter.

Learn English @ The Laundrymat

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It's about learning the language, while airing out your dirty laundry. A NYC artist will soon offer English classes to immigrants at his local laundromat. Hector Canonge says the non profit project will begin with basic words like soap, bleach and clothes.

Hector explains that his first session will be held at the Magic Touch Laundromat, where the community comes together, and everyone gets to know each other, while washing their dirty laundry.

English language lessons start in Inwood next month. Talk about good old fashioned American ingenuity.

Headlines 7/26/11

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TERROR ON THE TRAIN. NY Subway Attacks Motorman.

PRIME TIME WAR OF WORDS. Time Ticking As Debt Ceiling Talks Continue.


YOU'VE GOT LESS MAIL. 36 Hundred US Post Offices May Close.

THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT. Defense Department Provides Post Traumatic Stress APP..


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Back in the early days, when most Americans were on a very tight budget. Oftentimes, New Yorkers would venture down to Battery Park on a hot summer night and ride the Staten Island Ferry for entertainment. In those days it cost a few cents. Today, it is actually free. If you ask, you will find that some New Yorkers have wonderful memories of buying standing room tickets for various shows. I seem to recall seeing one of these shows and it is to this day, one of my many marvelous memories.


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Does everyone know that NYC has a Rat Island? It is near City Island, but not home to a huge colony of super-rodents.

It was purchased from Native Americans in 1654 by the Pell family, the island’s name may have come from the inmates who were then jailed on nearby Hart Island. Back then, inmates were nicknamed rats. If they were lucky enough to escape, they swam to Rat Island first before making a go at nearby City Island.

In the 1800s, it was the location of the Pelham Pesthouse, a yellow fever hospital that quarantined 40 people.


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A number of people are realizing a need for something most of us take for granted - SLEEP.
Sleep in an important part of every ones overall well being, yet many suffer from sleep disorders.

Here are some suggestions to make sure you get the sleep your body needs:

Stay out of bed until you feel like sleeping..

Eliminate noise as much as possible. Ear plugs may be necessary.

No pets in your bed because these will definitely compromise your sleep cycle.

Reduce light, as it affects the way your brain produces hormones which regulate sleep.

CIMAGES - Turning a News Leaf

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We’ve decided that there is way too much bad news being covered, so we're turning over a news leaf. From now on we will make every effort to start covering more positive news and to offer our readers a balance. We are not proposing to cover only good news and nothing else. What we will make every effort to do is to try and balance our coverage with inspirational news, feel good stories and water cooler content.


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Bronx Cheer is used tongue in cheek and sarcastically because it is not a cheer. It is used to show disapproval. The term originated as a reference to the sound used by some baseball fanatics attending games at Yankee Stadium, which is located in the Bronx, New York City.

It used to be that making a Bronx cheer was to make a noise signifying silliness. It was made by sticking out the tongue between the lips and blowing to make a sound reminiscent of flatulence.