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If you see someone breaking the law, immediately contact your local police precinct, or call 911.

NYC accepts reports of noisy neighbors. Officers from your local police precinct will respond when they are not handling emergency situations.

Many buildings have rules about noise. Contact your tenant association, building owner, or super if a neighbor in your building is often noisy.

If these groups do not offer assistance, then call 311 to report noise from a neighbor.

12/12 Day of Guadalupe

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In light of full disclosure, I must state that my parents were married on this day, so they would be celebrating their wedding anniversary on earth if they were still alive, but I am sure my mom and dad are both celebrating in heaven.

The shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe is the most visited Catholic pilgrimage destination in the world. Over the Friday and Saturday of 11 to 12 December, back in 2009, a record number of 6.1 million pilgrims visited the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico, DF to join in the commemoration of the anniversary of the apparition.

Headlines 12/12/11

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US TROOPS OUT IRAQ. Time Running Out.

US ELECTION. Campaign Heats Up.


US DIVIDE. Racial Resentment.

OCCUPY. West Coast Ports.

Merry Christmas and Happy News 2012

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Please, take a moment to meet my new grandson, Parker with my beautiful granddaughter, Sophia!‏

Seasons greetings from my little girl and my baby boy - Innocent and so very small, my hopes & prayers are that they'll grow up healthy, wealthy, wise, great communicators, proud and tall.

May God bless you, your family, your friends and neighbors.

Happy Holidays!

Grandpa BoB, aka UB/GB

Seasons Greetings

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Tis the season to be jolly...

My daughter Sabrina Soto was featured on TODAY last week and will appear on Rachel Ray and Extreme Home Makeover tomorrow, Monday.

She is a style expert, an interior decorator and my baby.

You can also search for her information on the following sites:

Happy holidays!

Roberto Soto

Box 147 City Island
NYC, NY 10464
212 300 7492

This Week in History

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This Week in History, Dec 11 - Dec 17

Dec 11, 1936

Headlines 12/11/11

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CLIMATE CHANGE. Global Warming Deal.

MEXICO QUAKE. Shakes Up Acapulco.

GOP DEBATE. Newtly Reshaped.

NORIEGA. Home To Prison.


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The head of the United Nations agency tasked with defending press freedom today voiced outrage at the murder of a radio journalist in Honduras, where at least 17 reporters have been slain since the start of last year.

Luz Marina Paz Villalobos, who worked with Cadena Hondureña de Noticias, and a man travelling with her in a car in the capital, Tegucigalpa, were shot dead this week by two men on a motorcycle.

The non-governmental organization (NGO) Reporters without Borders said that of the 17 journalists killed since the beginning of 2010, Ms. Paz Villalobos is the first woman.

Random Acts of Kindness

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Tis the Season to be jolly, pleasant and kind. Be kind to your family, friends and neighbors, but please do not forget our troops. Somewhere on a desolate post in Afghanistan, Iraq , Korea...etc. American troops are thinking longingly of home.

Unfortunately, there are not enough people who are thinking of them this holiday season. So please take the time and send "care packages" to our service members overseas. Also, remember the sick and the homeless, who may be temporarily down on their luck.


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This week is National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW)! NIVW and is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance and benefit of continuing flu vaccination through the holiday season and beyond. Vaccination into and after the holidays is not "too late.” Flu season typically peaks in January or February, so get vaccinated now to protect yourself and your loved ones.