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Warmer-than-average temperatures dominated the northern and eastern regions of the country in December, January and February, leading to the fourth warmest winter on record for the contiguous United States. The winter season was also drier-than-average for the Lower 48, with dry conditions experienced across the West and the Southeast but wetter-than-average conditions in the Central and Southern Plains and parts of the Ohio Valley.


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Reported Results for U.S. Republican Presidential Primaries

GOP State N Gingrich R Paul M Romney R Santorum Reporting

3/06 AK 14.1% 24.0% 32.4% 29.2% 100%

3/06 GA 47.2% 6.6% 25.9% 19.6% 100%

3/06 ID 2.1% 18.1% 61.6% 18.2% 100%

3/06 MA 4.6% 9.5% 72.2% 12.0% 100%

3/06 ND 8.5% 28.1% 23.7% 39.7% 100%

3/06 OH 14.6% 9.2% 37.9% 37.1% 100%

3/06 OK 27.5% 9.6% 28.0% 33.8% 100%


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Public speaking is a common fear and some folks even go as far as to characterize it as a terror, which is why effective public speakers with powerful presence are so often admired and rewarded, especially in professional media circles.

A strong presentation conveys leadership, confidence, and competence. It gives you a definite advantage, whether speaking before a packed house, a small team, your current boss, or your potential boss.


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Watching a few dozen experts nibble on cheese and spit them into the garbage may not appear to be an elegant experience to most, but hundreds of cheese lovers have paid $25 for a close-up view of today's World Championship Cheese Contest.

This is actually the very first year the international contest has charged admission, which historically have been low-key affairs where a handful of spectators and reporters participate.

Headlines 3/7/12

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MIXED SUPER BRUISE DAY. Lacking Knockout Punch.

Dennis Kucinich. Suffers Primary Vote Loss.

AFGHANISTAN. 6 British Soldiers Killed.

NWS REPORTS. 49 Minutes Tornado.

MANNING OUT. NY Jets Interested?

Center For Communication - CENCOM.ORG

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Sports Media: Know the Score!

Tuesday, March 20, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Sports media is bigger than ever, as new digital outlets emerge to compete with the wide and growing array of TV and radio networks. If you have a passion for sports, excellent writing skills, and are a team player, our panel of sports media all-stars can help you create a game plan for winning the job you want.

Mike Francesa, host, Mike's On: Francesa on the FAN, WFAN

Maggie Gray, Lead Anchor,

Van Adams, Founder and CEO, Van Adams Sports Group


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Free speaker Forum, Columbia J-School, tomorrow Wednesday March 7, 5pm EST: Meet Leila Cobo, who will talk about her newest novel, "The Second Time We Met," and about juggling authorship with her work as a a top editor at Billboard and host of Estudio Billboard on VMe. She among the top experts in the Latin music world, and visits with her agent and publisher, so don't miss a chance to connect. Columbia JSchool, 116th and Broadway, Stabile Student Center. Public invited, open to all.

Event: First Thursday Media Mixer March 2012
When: March 8, 2012


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The United Nations human rights office said today that images shown by a British news program of the alleged torture of patients in Syrian hospitals were “shocking” and similar to those received by UN-mandated investigators.

“The pictures shown on Channel 4 last night are truly shocking, and unfortunately very much in accordance with evidence that has been accumulated in the Human Rights Council-mandated fact-finding mission and commission of inquiry reports on Syria,” said Rupert Colville, spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).


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Now streaming on PBS in the United States and Puerto Rico, an anti-bully, girl power short story written and directed by a friend of City Island Images, Fernanda Rossi, who is also an author, speaker and story Consultant.

If you like it, and i hope you do, vote for it and share with your like minded friends.

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