Learning About Commuting

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I don't know about you, but for me, my daily commute was a #PIA. It took me 3 hours each way door to door, so needless to say I do not miss it especially when it is beginning to get cold outdoors.

In my particular case, I was taking a train from Pelham, NY to 125 Street in Harlem NYC, and transferring on the Hudson line to Poughkeepsie. Once my train arrived at the station, then I waited for a bus that would take me to Marist College, my final destination. The monthly commuter pass was $500.00

A Time of Trump Music

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Music in the Time of Trump

By Arnold Steinhardt

October, 2020

The night that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, I couldn’t sleep. That Republicans nominated him as a candidate was shocking enough, but the fact that so many Americans had voted for a man deeply unfit for the presidency was incomprehensible.

Trump Says He Has Corona

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Above are comments Trump made mocking his opponent at his previous spreader rallies. Let’s hope and pray he does not infect circles of Americans who came to hear him making fun of VP Biden, but not a Ying anything about his plans to protect our fantastic nation from Putin and other Communist adversaries.

POTUS has Been downplaying the threat posed by #COVID19 since the beginning as as you can see he has ridiculed others for wearing masks despite recommendations to do so #CDC and #NIH officials. Trump also mocked #Biden at the debate on for wearing face masks.

Vote Now

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As a former Republican Party foreign policy media manager, I hear chants the chants loud and clear, each and every day from all sections of the #USA as voters register to cast their ballots and send a clear message to POTUS and #Cult45 Cult-45.org #Republicans that the #GOP can no longer continue to be the party in power and most of all the US Senate.

The Harvest Moon

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All new Skywatchers should get ready for two full moons in October, and the first one will illuminate the sky tonight. Always reach for the moon and chances are you will wind up among the ✨ ⭐️ STARS.


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Oh, what a night to count the stars in the galaxy, read a good book, meditate or just about anything, but watch that free for all debate.

The Cleveland chaos may have caused some to tune out, but we recommend you get out and vote as your gut reaction to the so-called debate that was anything but presidential, as it devolved into acrimony when Trump incessantly interrupted and insulted Biden while the two sparred over the economy, COVID19 pandemic, SCOTUS, and race relations.


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Will The Wizard of Loss turn his luck around tonight, or will Sleepy Joe knock him and his family way the hell out of town?

The Commission on Presidential Debates are sponsors of this First Debate, with over 100 Million viewers expected to watch. 

Campaign 2020 Donald Trump vs Joe Biden 

President Trump and former VP Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, take part in a debate at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Moderator Chris Wallace of FOX News 


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Vice President Joe Biden and President Donal Trump meet face to face at their first live TV debate in Cleveland tonight at 9P sharp.

The maskless Republican POTUS could be facing the most direct challenge of his presidency from an also mask-less opponent for the fumbling of the coronavirus pandemic, the US economy, and his personal conduct during his first appearance with Democratic VP as most agree this is must-see TV.

Replacing Tricky Dick With Don The Con?

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On Tuesday evening, USA registered voters may have a good look at the two candidates as they face off for the first presidential debate before they cast their ballots.

This ver first debate between Donald J Trump and Joseph R. Biden is scheduled for Tuesday at 9 p.m. It will have an old fashioned feel, and only one moderator, Fox’s Chris Wallace, who Will try to be "as invisible as possible."

City Images would have preferred that both submit to drug tests administered by an independent Swiss Doctor and be subject to lie detectors during the entire event.


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Talk about a real blast from the past... Years ago, as a young college student in Miami, I had the good fortune of being accepted to a work-study internship program at WPLG-TV 10.  I watched one of the great electronic journalists perform nightly news media magic.

Doctor Ken, the news doctor became a mentor, and years later, I was lucky to have LinkedIn through social media and speak with him- I said Doctor what’s ailing TV?