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When I first moved to City Island, A Slice of NYC Paradise I found a small and quiet seaside village but I had no idea there would be so many knuckleheads living here who would eventually refuse to protect others and themselves by wearing masks. An old-timer who was born and died on the same street warned me that many of them had moved into our island. Captain Ed explained that according to local tradition, anyone actually born on the island is known as a "clamdigger". A City Island resident not born on the island is known as a "mussel-sucker."

We're Just Not Into You

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#WeThePeople Are Just Not Into You... Really never were. What’s his name never won the popular vote. He actually lost it both times. He is a pothole on the bumpy road to American Democracy.

After perpetrating the greatest public health disaster of our lifetime, he has been focused on bitching about the election, Christmas decorations, playing golf, and building a tennis pavilion. Really, honestly, what is the GOP totally full of?

Baby It's Warm Outside

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China has adopted a target to cut PRC's net carbon emissions to zero by 2060. Under Joe Biden, America will rejoin the Paris agreement, which it adopted five years ago.

In the financial markets, clean-energy firms are all the rage. And yet, 2020 has delivered a sobering reminder of the task at hand. This year looks set to be one of the warmest on record.

Could Would Should

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Could, would, and should are all used to talk about possible events or situations, but each one tells us something different. Could is used to say that an action or event is possible. Would is used to talk about a possible or imagined situation and is often used when that possible situation is not going to happen.

Communism vs Fascism

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Please, allow me to tell you a real story I personally lived through. Once upon a time, there were two republics. Both had constitutions, laws, civil rights, a government, a congress, and a court system of law. The people could assemble, associate, speak, and write with freedom.

But as the people became unsatisfied with their governments, they chose to support new officials and were fooled by fake images of religion and a better life before reality began to set in.

Global Cities

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According to Kearney, as cities pick up the pieces and plan for life after COVID-19, we reveal how the pandemic has shattered the status quo, and outline the new challenges and priorities facing city leaders.

The 2020 Global Cities Report provides a snapshot of where cities stood as they entered the COVID-19 crisis. Incorporating the Global Cities Index (GCI) and Global Cities Outlook (GCO), this year’s results reveal intensifying competition for global status and future prospects in an increasingly fragmented and volatile environment.

Bronx Shoot Out

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What a way to begin a wild weekend. In the early hours of NYPD searched The Bronx Wakefield district searching for Andre Sterling, who was described as "armed and dangerous" and caution had to be used.

The warning turned out to be on target, but it was Sterling who became the target. The marshalls had information that Sterling was inside, while Massachusetts state troopers encircled the building.

Sterling came out of the rear near a back room and started shooting. A pre-dawn gun battle ensued and Sterling was killed.

Never Stop Dreaming

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My wife likes to call me a dreamer, but I am not the only one who arrived to this nation as a young person with a very large dream.

GOP vs Republicans

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As Republicans rip each other apart in Georgia,  December 7, 2020, is the day of political infamy. The last day to register to vote.

Many feared GOP would tear itself to pieces after Trump lost. However, who would have known never Republicans would attack each other over a debate about whether Republicans should bother to vote in a manjo US Senate runoff?