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Trump and Barr began an investigation that lasted longer and cost US taxpayers more than Muller’s probe but was a Nothing Burger.

The twice impeached, indicted sexual predator promised Durham’s work would reveal “the crime of the century.” As usual, he  is a loudmouth liar and loser bullshit artist.

The pathetic probe culminated in a 48-month investigation since May 2019, that ran longer than special counsel Robert Mueller’s original 22-month investigation. Durham charged three people, one of whom pleaded guilty and two won acquittals at trial.

Durham spent nearly $6.6 million as special counsel from October 2019 through September 2022, the most recent figures available, but no mention of the trip Barr and Durham took to meet with Italian investigators.

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The special counsel’s final report nevertheless did not produce blockbuster revelations of politically motivated misconduct, as Donald J. Trump and his allies had suggested it would.


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Donald Trump had long argued he was treated unfairly by the FBI during the 2016 campaign.



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Special Counsel John Durham served up not an investigation, but an excuse for future partisan abuses.