Baboon Putin

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Hear and watch #VladimirPutin speaking in #English and tell me if he does not look very much like a mandrill or a baboon mix?

Mandrills are shy and reclusive primates that live only in the rain forests of equatorial Africa, according to National Geographic

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and nature's evolution come to mind. #Putin is like a baboon daring everyone on earth to challenge him and daring anyone to intervene by threatening damnation upon any and every nation.

A ‘definition of genocide’: Experts worldwide worry as #MadVlad #Putin announces ‘necessary cleansing’ of #Russia.

Cruel Hunting Ruthless Baboons

'Speak plainly!': Putin has tense exchange with his spy chief – video…

Mandrills vs Baboons: 6 Key Differences Explained…

BABOON VS MANDRILL - Which is the strongest monkey?

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Сбежавший из России банкир обнародовал фотографии дочерей Путина в юности
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Baboon Attack…