Beginning To Look A Lot Like Treason

Are you fed up with getting Scrooged and frustrated by Trump's Sedition and the GOP obstruction and Congressional inaction?

No other states need the Build Back Better bill more than the RED States Republicans. These so-called lawmakers are supposed to be representing their constituents but are only obstructing progress. 

Don't listen to the cable TV talking heads who say that the bill is just too "left-wing" for a red state. American voters support the Build Back Better bill by a margin of 43 points.

And no one should believe the Republican's line about deficits or inflation either. They didn't have any problems voting for a military budget that was $25 billion over what President Joe Biden had asked for and four times larger on a per-year basis than the Build Back Better bill.

The sad truth is that Trump's GOP sold out their people to massive corporations, the ultra-wealthy, and corporate media's talking points.

Marginalized communities are hurting the most. 50 senators should never be able to deny hundreds of millions of Americans the economic relief that the Build Back Better and the Voting Rights Bills bring. 

The Build Back Better bill must stay alive, and we all need to get behind it. Paid leave. Universal child care and pre-K. Expanding Medicare to cover dental care. Lowering drug prices. Bold climate action...etc.

Finally, if Democrat Joe Manchin looks at the numbers, West Virginians would be among the biggest beneficiaries of this legislation. For instance:

  • The extension of the child tax credit would immediately lift 22,000 West Virginia kids out of poverty.
  • The expansion of the earned income tax credit would benefit 102,900 low-wage West Virginia workers.
  • Nearly two-thirds of West Virginians live in "child care deserts." The Build Back Better bill would help fill those needs with historic investments in child care and expand free preschool to 3-year-olds.
  • One in four West Virginia seniors doesn't have natural teeth, the highest rate in the nation. President Biden's original bill provided dental benefits under Medicare.
  • Build Back Better's housing choice vouchers would provide rental assistance to families on the brink of homelessness and benefit 8,000 West Virginians, nearly half of them children.
  • West Virginia has no paid leave protections at all for new parents or people with serious illnesses. This bill would guarantee paid leave for 690,000 workers.
  • This bill would support workers abandoned by the dying coal industry with programs like the Civilian Climate Corps, which would put residents of coal-scarred rural communities to work in land restoration.4

So why would Manchin say no to all of this? The obvious answer is found by - Just following the money.

He owns stock valued at between $1 million and $5 million in a coal company he founded in 1988. He receives more contributions from coal, oil, and gas industries than any other senator.

While Manchin rakes in the cash, he made his disdain for working people clear when he reportedly said privately that he opposed child tax credits because he believed parents would spend the money on drugs, and that he opposed paid sick leave because he believes workers will fake being sick so they can go on hunting trips.