Big Tech Equality

Submitted by ub on Tue, 06/14/2022 - 16:55

Big Tech should have equal treatment under the law, carry an equal amount of weight, and pay their fair are of taxes.

We The People deserve real choice and power while shopping, searching, and doing other activities online. And we should have a free marketplace online, with real competition and innovation.

Demand support for two pro-competition and pro-consumer bills that will soon be voted on by the full Senate: The American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S2992) and The Open App Markets Act (S2710) are key steps to reining in Big Tech, and restoring competition and innovation to the online space.

Big Tech should compete on a level playing field. One that allows smaller companies a fair shot at competing, ensures consumers have the right to control their online content, and drives real competition and innovation. A bipartisan group in Congress is moving right now to rein in Big Tech giants, but industry lobbyists are spending millions on advertising to kill this effort.

Ask your Senators to pass these two bipartisan pro-competition bills! The Senate will be voting this month, and it could be our last chance to get these bills across the finish line. Consumers need choice in the online marketplace, and the tools to fight back against Big Tech giants.