Broken Silence Of The Dams

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Oily Snake Crushed

The whole world is finally watching conservative media Baron Rupert Murdoch throw Trump under his steamroller live and in real-time.

Keith Rupert Murdoch is a real billionaire and an Australian-born American businessman, media proprietor, and conservative investor.

He could have done it earlier and perhaps prevented the snake oil salesman from developing into a dangerous snake.

Newspaper Editorials from #USA newspapers owned by Murdoch delivered a one-two punch in his orange face and a swift kick to his big fat ass following the season finale of the bipartisan Congressional January six Committee hearings:

Wall St Journal - The President Who Stood Still…

NY Post - Trump’s Silence on Jan 6 is Damning…

Finally, CBS News correspondent John Dickerson says the former president's supporters, who have engaged in diversion, distraction, and lying about witnesses at the January six committee hearings, demonstrated that they're okay with the former president's failure to protect the nation.…

Cheney on Fox News: "It's not just me that's saying that Donald Trump is unfit for office. It's other entities owned by Rupert Murdoch. It's the New York Post in their editorial on Friday. It's the Wall Street Journal."

The Silence of the Lambs is a classic American psychological horror film. This is a reality show and non-fiction experience. 

Meanwhile, the former guy returns to The scene of the crime this week to spread more lies at the AFPI’s America First Agenda Summit. His allies are eager for him to use this opportunity to press pause of his grievances about 2020 and begin to lay out a game plan for the future. .

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