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The faculty of Manhattan College has now made it official and issued a scathing failing grade to President Milo Riverso.

The president of Manhattan College, pictured in a screen grab from YouTube during an introductory video message is in hot water and the temperature may reach a boiling point.

It now appears that Rivers’s reversal has brought the ire of the staff following his college course cuts and leveraged layoffs.

The no-confidence vote in Riverso reportedly followed months of turmoil, covered by local media outlets where students and alumni held protests on campus, and faculty members petitioned administrators for answers they said were not provided. 

According to the student newspaper The Bronx Catholic Institution of Higher Learning, more than 25 percent of faculty have been terminated over the past seven months, Tenured Professors Fired in Sweeping Layoffs…

Among the courses that stand to be eliminated by the De La Salle Christian Brothers established in 1853, is the institution's religious studies major. God will probably punish him for this.

Catholic higher educational institutions are dealing with similar demographic and fiscal challenges, but how the Manhattan College administration has gone about implementing the board of trustees' directive to "rightsize" the college has made the academic community restless and managed to alienate a large number of students, alumni, and faculty members.

In an effort of transparency, as an elementary school student, I attended a similar institution established by Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers. The word “Lasallian” is derived from De La Salle’s name, but is much more than just a label. The Lasallian mission drives everything It’s an integral part of the school.

Also, a current employer is a federally designated minority-serving institution and the largest private Hispanic-serving institution in New York. The university was historically affiliated with the Catholic church but has been independent and non-sectarian since the early 1970s.