Crook and Schmuck

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Looser, cheater, enabled by people who knew it, and certainly explains why he fought so hard to keep taxes secret.

It’s personal. I’m mad as hell at Donald Trump for being an income tax cheat while the rest of us pay what the IRS asks of us to the penny.

What makes me even angrier is that Trump BENT the IRS by appointing a lackey as the commissioner, who obviously made sure they never looked at his returns as required by regulations. That fact disclosed by the House Ways and Means Committee probing presidential tax issues and getting his past six years of returns makes clear what a cheater the ex-president has been. We should have seen this in the way he plays golf, where he thinks Mulligan is a constant companion and not an exception.

The legal ramifications for Trump’s criminal referral for the January 6 insurrection are substantial. But having his last six years of income tax filings revealed is a massive embarrassment to someone whose life revolves around a money myth. Trump is beyond embarrassment, but many who have supported him should be!

The tax data interpretation recalibrates Trump from a successful business person to a man with questionable financial skills. That is not a good situation for a man who wants to escape prosecution because a conviction would make him ineligible to hold political office.

Republicans who threw in the towel years ago on honoring their oath and responsibilities are unlikely to express their exasperation publicly. They should be speaking out now about the man who took their party from conservative thinking to the brink of fascism. OK, maybe that’s the true aim. Perhaps Trump is just a habitual liar, a fabulist who makes it up as he goes along and can not discern fact from fiction.

That, however, is not an excuse that the IRS should accept when they recalculate his taxes for six years and discover fraudulent bookkeeping at every level of his business, as well as fraud by his tax lawyers and accountants. All of them should be penalized to the full extent of the law.

The irony here is that the federal government convicted gangster Al Capone of tax fraud. And now a former president who frequently behaves like a Mob boss has a tax problem to add to his growing legal difficulties.

By: Kenneth Tiven

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