Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0

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POTUS believes the free world is reportedly closer to nuclear war that it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s 

His comments followed the words spoken thousands of miles from United Nations headquarters, Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Kremlin also landed with force at the General Assembly.

Biden invokes Cuban missile crisis after Russia's threats

The president said that, amid the country's attempted annexation of Ukrainian territory, President Vladimir Putin's threats were not merely idle.

Biden’s nuclear warning not based on new intelligence but opens a window into real worries inside the White House

White House: Biden's "Armageddon" warning not based on any new intel…;

Pentagon tamps down nuclear ‘Armageddon’ 

John Kirby says Biden’s warning about threat of a nuclear attack from Russia were not based on specific new information…

Meanwhile… After nine months of killing and in many cases torturing civilians; after razing cities; the #Russian dictator says blowing up a bridge terrorism?