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This was a wet and foggy NYC morning and I felt like staying in bed, but I heard from my kids, which is always a blessing.

It is also the first week of the rest of my academic career. One of my former students who is now in a position to hire me, made an offer I could not refuse. It involves educating a diverse group of 50 university scholars. My life seems to be bringing a wave of change, setting the course for personal and professional progress as I use my naturally given analytical skills to sift through any ambiguities.

This fall, Mercy University welcomed the largest freshman class in its history to The Bronx Campus. The 2023-2024 class of nearly 1200 students represents a 28 percent increase over the previous year, fueled by record applications and campus visits, and reflects the University’s significant programmatic and campus improvements. In addition, this class has the highest academic profile in University history, with impressive resumes filled with leadership roles, creative endeavors, and work experience.

I can do it, I am the scale after all - harmony and balance are in my nature. I won’t shy away from difficult conversations as I move forth with the gentle assertiveness that I am known for. I will let it work its magic on much younger students all around.

This is a golden opportunity to highlight my natural flair for communication and persuasion. I will try to use my intrinsic peacekeeping abilities to build an equilibrium in these two classrooms twice a week… And so it goes.