Elba Avoids Fiona

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As Fiona slams into Puerto Rico, Elba Rivera seeks refuge at the City Islanders' home of her son Josue and his lovely wife Arlene.

For Puerto Rico and nearby islands, Fiona is strengthening with high impacts from flooding, mudslides, and dangerous wave action expected. In PR there are over 1.5 million residents without power. Arlen is from The Dominican Republic, where Hurricane Fiona is roaring through after knocking out power across all of Puerto Rico and causing damage the governor says is “catastrophic.”

Every year around this time is characterized as Hurricane Season. Elba knows better than to mess with Mother Nature’s wrath. This mother of three is an 81-year-old retired teacher who has learned over the years not to stay put in Puerto Rico when she has three grown sons scattered throughout the USA, in Chicago, St. Augustine, and on City Island A Slice of New York City Paradise.

It was almost five years to the day after the devastation of Category five MARIA caused unprecedented destruction the people of Puerto Rico desperately need our help once again.

Hurricane Fiona made landfall along the extreme southwestern coast of Puerto Rico near Punta Tocon (15 mi southeast of Mayaguez) Even though the former guy turned the devastation into a paper towel throwing photo op, there are some who still defend his actions to this very day and like to make fun of today's duly elected POTUS, who declared an Emergency Disaster Declaration for Puerto Rico to ensure the full force of the Federal government support. 

Millions without power, bridges out, massive flooding, at least 4 dead. Fiona slams islands

Hurricane Fiona unleashed more rain on Puerto Rico on Monday — a day after the storm knocked out power and water to most of the island. The governor warned that it could take days to get the lights back on.

Puerto Rico suffers total blackout as Hurricane Fiona brings the threat of flooding, and mudslides https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/18/weather/tropical-storm-fiona-sunday/inde…

Puerto Rico loses power across the entire island as Hurricane Fiona nears https://www.axios.com/2022/09/18/puerto-rico-loses-power-hurricane-fiona

All of Puerto Rico is without electricity as Hurricane Fiona makes landfall https://www.npr.org/2022/09/18/1123690268/puerto-rico-hurricane-fiona&n…;

The entire island of Puerto Rico loses power as Hurricane Fiona makes landfall Fiona strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane on Sunday https://abcnews.go.com/US/tropical-storm-fiona-leaves-dead-heads-puerto…

Ponce, Puerto Rico: Lake Cerrillos @USGS rain gauge in the foothills of the central mountain range had nearly a foot of rain in 3 hours this afternoon This is reportedly a 1-in-500 year event 🚨 #FionaPR #FionaRD #FIONA2022 #Fiona

The US island territory awaits critical reconstruction five years after Hurricane Maria. With unjustly 21 percent of post-storm projects completed, nearly four thousand homes have a blue tarp as roofs are unacceptable.