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Why are Republicans embracing authoritarian Russia and China rather than supporting our longtime democratic allues?

Former Republican Presidents Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush are just rolling over in their graves; they may also lurch from it in a fit of incredulous rage. This is a remarkable and potentially catastrophic reversal by a political party that is in a state of near-total, frequently random ideological decomposition.

The MAGA Republican cult is rooted far less in policy than it is in a particular bespoke reality of thei Q-universe, in which the leadership of Ukraine and Taiwan are pernicious villains, Putin and Xi are flawed heroes because Russia and China should have crushed Ukraine and Taiwan a long time ago.

To the cult, Putin and Xi are admirable. They are not defined as authoritarian dictators at the helm of of America’s geopolitical rivals. #MAGA Republicans see them as anti-woke leaders who defend Christian civilization by taking on the decadent West.

The maniac MAGA infotainment right isn’t engaged in thoughtful analysis. They’re turning angry domestic grievances into foreign policy.

American politicians have made profound and catastrophic foreign policy mistakes in the past. But never have we been on the verge of such a grave mistake that was the direct result of theories and ideas that were so shallow, stupid and, frankly, bizarre.

MAGA is dragging the Republican Party into their swamp, and the consequences could be catastrophic for the future of American security.

We The People must insist on majority rule if we are going to save our democratic system of government andkeep our Republic.