Give Hope and Happiness

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Giving Tuesday: What the people on earth need now are the gifts of love, peace, and happiness much more than ever before in history.

Folks living on every continent are struggling and all we seem to be doing is looking the other way and bickering with one another.

We give the gift of trusted news. We strengthen your community, help people live better lives, and start the ripple effect of good that comes from trusted news sources. All of us at #DONews are preparing people for a successful path that has never been more urgent. To help colleges with this mission. #DOSEOFNEWS created this #RSS resource platform to highlight virtual forums, reports, and advice about improving knowledge, wisdom, and power.

This is also my grandson's birthday. He is in fifth grade, which means that high school is right around the corner. I gave him a present that hopefully he and his dad will enjoy together. Parker is the Prince of the family and we love him for the unique individual he has become after growing up surrounded by his loving mom, grandma, and sisters.

On this giving Tuesday, the GOP may have found an opportunity to give the loser, liar, twice impeached Agent Orange a shove and throw him under the #Republican bus. This opportunity is over Nick Fuentes and Kanye West. Pence and the dirty dozen Senators publicly slammed him for dining with the two antisemites.

Spoiler Alert: They did this exact same thing with the Access Hollywood tape and many others, but at the end of the day, they don't CARE. But when one of them says "there's no room in the Republican Party for white supremacy and antisemitism" he may be setting in motion a political timeline that ends with a 3rd Party candidate who will split the Republican vote. 

Whenever we give, whatever it is we’re meeting critical needs for today and every day, by helping people in the wake of natural disasters or life-altering circumstances and empowering communities to lift themselves out of adversity.