Happy Fathers Day Weekend

Submitted by ub on Sat, 06/18/2022 - 10:09

Eyewitnesses who saw the kids take their father out to enjoy a delicious Father's Day meal, they say it happened this way.

Dad was very old and, a little weak. While eating, food occasionally fell on his shirt and pants. The other guests watched the old man with their faces contorted in disgust, but the children remained calm.

After they finished eating, they quietly helped DAD and took him to the bathroom. They cleaned food scraps from his crumpled face and attempted to wash stains on his clothes. They combed his gray hair and finally put on his glasses.

As they left the restroom, a deep silence reigned in the restaurant. The kids paid the bill but just before they were to leave, an old man got up and asked the old man’s children, “Don’t you think you left something here?”

The kids replied “ we don’t believe we are leaving anything behind”

Then the stranger said to them, “You left a lesson here for every child and a hope for every parent.”

The entire restaurant became quiet, so much so that everyone could have heard a pin drop!

One of the greatest honors that exist is being able to take care of those who have also taken care of us. Our parents and elders who sacrificed their lives with all their time, money, and effort for us, deserve our utmost love, respect, and admiration.

No one should ever be defined by their REFUGEE status alone. 💛   As a young political refugee, and now a proud American citizen, who was recruited and served on the administrative team of a US president, I came to realize that my stretched mind caused the spiritual fire inside me to embrace new hopes and to become involved with major market startups and turnaround projects in a couple of languages.

I dedicated my life to developing talents, and passions by living my personal dreams and professional ambitions after fleeing my homeland and knowing that I could never return.

Thank you MoM and DaD for everything you did and all the sacrifices you made over the years. I will always love and honor you.