Submitted by ub on Mon, 09/18/2023 - 12:50

Mitt Romney plans to retire, saying that “a very large portion of my party really doesn’t believe in the Constitution.”

They say that good things don't last forever, and this is indeed true as Mitt's time in the US Senate is drawing to his decision.

I am not a registered Republican or a Democrat, and he is no certified angel, but I believe he is an honest and spiritual man, whic is a rarity for GOP politicians.

America needs a new sane Republican Party — and the person who should lead it is not Mitt Romney…

The Republican Party has launched an impeachment inquiry into POTUS Joe Biden over his son’s financial entanglements, even as elements in his caucus push to shut down the government unless there are drastic cuts in spending.

In Wisconsin and North Carolina, Republican legislators push the envelope of hardball tactics to remove or disempower Democrats in other branches of government. In the presidential campaign, GOP contenders struggle to make the case for a non-Trump candidacy without antagonizing Donald Trump’s many supporters and often avoid major spheres of public policy.

Together these depict a party that is preoccupied with antics that crash into the guardrails of American political life and conspicuously lacks a coherent, forward-looking vision for governing. A modern political party has devolved into a racket.
But our polarized political system is also a nationalized one, where state-level success as a problem solver too often obstructs rather than clears a path to national influence within the Republican Party. And we have no illusions that behavior dangerous to democracy will lead to long-lasting punishment at the polls.

To see the personalism around the former guy in the context of the entire party is to see past the breathless statements about his magnetic appeal and to observe a party more bent on destroying its enemies than on the tough work of solving hard problems.

As long as that remains so, the impulse to conspiracy will remain, and democracy will depend on keeping it in check.