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Karma is such an exciting word. After years of leading a chant to lock her up, he is the real target who may soon be behind bars.

Serving a prison sentence is meant to be corrective. But there are certain standards that all prisons are supposed to adhere to, particularly the physical safety of all incarcerated people. However, there are some prisons that are just downright scary. 

Check out this scenario following a series of prosecutions from NY, Georgia, and the feds there is no escape possible because other states are also investigating him. So after serving a few brutal months in prison, during which he was subjected to solitary confinement as punishment for “bad behavior”, he is released on bond while launching an appeal.

Eyeing up further jail time following scheduled hearings, the twice impeached and indicted and now convicted former guy decided to become a fugitive in Russia to work for his longtime handler. However, after six weeks as an outlaw, he turns himself in and vows to the courts that he will never again darken the doors of any courtroom. 

Sing-Sing, a room with a view - https://doccs.ny.gov/ United States Penitentiary Atlanta, a warm and cozy suite - https://www.bop.gov/  and USP ADX Florence, a special place - https://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/flm/ each reportedly houses male inmates deemed the most dangerous and needing the tightest control, including prisoners whose escape would pose a serious threat to national security.

From the 1980s until he was helped into the presidency by Vlad in 2016, Donald Trump and his businesses were involved in over 4,000 legal cases in U.S. federal and state courts, including battles with casino patrons, million-dollar real estate lawsuits, personal defamation lawsuits, and over 100 business tax disputes.

  • The DOJ is investigating if he violated three federal laws related to his handling of national security information.
  • The Jan. 6 committee also says he broke five laws and asked DOJ to prosecute him on some of those charges.

A sum total of 30,573 over 4 years of false or misleading claims and the liar keeps spewing toxic #MAGA Republican messages...  https://www.huffpost.com/entry/donald-trump-lies-final-tally_n_600e656d…

How is all this possible? #DEMOCRACY https://democracy.doseofnews.com/