Lock Him Out

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All of Russia's #MadVlad lies are finally catching up with him and history will wind up not judging him or his followers favorably.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine is not going well and apparently, his war plan does not have enough fans. In Kharkiv, the country’s second city, Ukrainian defenses appear to have repulsed a major assault.

In the south Russian forces have taken territory, but partly by avoiding Ukrainian towns. Around Kyiv, Ukrainian forces have foiled numerous attacks.

In the capital itself, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, has cut a defiant figure. In contrast to the drug-addicted Nazi the Communist dictator described in his hate-filled speeches, president Zelensky has taken his place at the head of a nation buoyed by courage and patriotism.

Russia launched an unprovoked assault on a neighbor

The Economist - By the time it began, early on a gloomy grey morning on February 24th, the onslaught against Ukraine ordered by Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, had acquired a sickening inevitability. Yet nothing about this war was inevitable. It is a conflict entirely of his own making. In the fighting and the misery that is to come, much Ukrainian and Russian blood will be spilled. Every drop of it will be splattered on Mr. Putin’s hands.

For months, while Mr. Putin had remained in seclusion, amassing roughly 190,000 Russian troops on the borders with Ukraine, the question had been: what does this man want? Now that it is clear he craves war, the question is: where will he stop?   https://www.economist.com/leaders/2022/02/26/history-will-judge-vladimi…


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