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I’ve been involved in digital media as long as it has been around. I’ve seen many words and phrases become popular, then wearing out. Terms, like new media, convergence, multimedia, and cutting edge. They are often overused and and as a result, rendered meaningless. 

The word of the moment that best seems to fit today is sustainability.  But this one is too important to dismiss, so I want to at least clarify what it really means.

Many know this, but not everyone does. Because if essential digital information content can’t be sustained and without audience support it's in peril. 

A sustainable business is one that generates enough revenue to financially cover its efforts in a systematic and repeatable fashion. 

Sure, membership revenue isn’t entirely the case, but, for most publishers, it’s far more reliable than hoping for another large infusion. The more revenue that can be diversified, the better. That’s no easy task, of course, but no one working in digital information right now is in this because it’s easy.

The other core reason we focus on sustainability is that it usually is paired with independence. Being dependent on one company, organization, or group of advertisers is better than getting support from the government because it comes with a set of potential issues. Therefore we have to rely on our audience.

A good example of a funding philosophy can be found in investments. We know providing high-quality Media isn’t cheap, which is precisely why we focus our funding on growing the revenue and mitigating the expenses that allow that work to be done in a more sustainable way.

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