New York City, New York

Submitted by ub on Sat, 10/08/2022 - 10:56

A city much too nice, that it had to be named twice. NYC's hidden treasures and history is being revealed in Times Square.

New York is full of incredible history, with so many unique things to discover. It was the original capital of the United States, and Manhattan has hundreds of years of history. During some construction in Times Square, workers found an advertisement hidden on the side of a hotel. 

The ad was around 100 years old, and it showed that you could stay for just $1 a night. Today that would be an incredible bargain because a decent hotel is usually $300 per night. The ad was well preserved for the past century and showed how much New York has changed. 

Nobody can appreciate The Big Apple in a few days so you can’t see New York City in 36 hours. But with this NY Times 36 Hours feature, has a handful of suggestions, from divine pastrami, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich in Greenpoint to a grand night of opulence in Midtown.