Orchard Beach Tent City

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Orchard Beach was a pretty oceanfront, 115-acre beach featuring a promenade, a central pavilion, 2 playgrounds & picnic areas.

Orchard Beach, The Bronx Riviera in New York City -That is until NYC Mayor Adams decided to gather what may very well be thousands of migrants who are coming to America.

I received a call from FOX after one of their producers read #CityImages Blog https://cimages.me/content/our-back-yard with an invitation to appear on FOX and Friends this morning but for various reasons, we decided it was best to take a pass.

#Americans are many diverse communities. This is our strength. Unfortunately, minority groups are often targeted in #NYC and elsewhere with stereotypes because they appear different. The #USA melting pot and mixed salad. 

This Orchard Beach, New York City location is expected to serve as an intake center for 1K migrants to stay at a time for upward of 96 hours before being assigned shelter beds or other permanent housing, according to City Hall.

NYC Mayor Adams has said the city plans to open at least one more tent site to shelter migrant families with kids.

Our #CityImages sources who attended last night's Emergency Meeting reported saying they were told the following: 

- Only for men and couples (no kids)

- They will have a curfew

- They're free to walk out at their leisure ( if curfew is violated there will be no consequences)

- They were vetted by Homeland Security. Relying on the country of origin relations or self-admission.

-  It was also shared that NYPD 45 Precinct has a 25 percent shortage of officers.

-  Their crisis management representative basically kept replying that most of the questions were above his pay grade.

     (He was the chosen sacrificial lamb)

-  Basically, there is no turning back, and it was said this is the first out of 60 centers opening citywide.

-  The reasoning for picking the site, it was the easiest to choose from with enough square footage.

-  As far as security, they will probably bring the National Guard.

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A few dozens of residents of City Island in the Bronx gave an earful to a city official about the construction of temporary shelters to house migrants in the parking lot of Orchard Beach. Fox 5  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws_JbeEHm34

State officials briefed on the situation said that up to five of these massive semi-permanent tent-like structures would be constructed. There has been considerable concern about the use of this flood-prone parking lot near Orchard Beach. PIX 11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoRI0EqfbkE

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