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US Senators unveil their bipartisan border deal including the foreign aid package for Ukraine and Israel ahead of key House vote.

House Republicans are helping Vladimir Putin. Their cynicism over Ukraine weakens America and makes the world less safe


The US Senate has released a long-awaited Mexico 🇲🇽 USA 🇺🇸 border deal and foreign aid package with assistance for Ukraine and Israel paving the way for a key vote in the lower chamber in which the entire package appears to be at risk of failing apart.

If significantly changed by the increasingly shrinking Putin and his adoring Republican House of Representatives, and if it does pass, it will undoubtedly be setting up a Congressional clash. If the Republican-controlled House rejects the bipartisan bill approved in the Senate, then he wants time to infiltrate would-be terrorists to attack America.

In a sign of the grim odds facing the legislation, young and inexperienced Speaker Mike Johnson declared the deal “dead on arrival” in the House after the text was released.

House Speaker Mike Johnson keeps pushing for a stand-alone bill to provide aid to Israel, leaving out aid for Ukraine and funding for the border. US Representative Pat Ryan claims the relationship between Putin and Trump has made voting for Ukraine aid “provocative” for some Republicans.

Congressman warns Trump's alignment with Putin puts Ukraine aid in jeopardy


Putin has congratulated House Republicans for stalling aid package