Republican RIF RAF

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Republican Congressman Wilson once turned into a Dennis The Menace then faced Republican pushback for heckling POTUS Obama.

I am not a registered Republican or a Democrat. I am a US citizen who believes in the American way of Justice for all. in fact, I worked for a GOP POTUS, never having to register that way. 

Addison Graves Joe Wilson Sr. is a 74-year old Republican politician who wrongfully called POTUS Obama a liar during SOTU while serving as the U.S. representative for South Carolina's 2nd congressional district since 2001.

The difference is that Joe Wilson eventually expressed regret. What is happening to the Grand Old Party? @GOP members yelling and heckling POTUS Joe Biden at the #SOTU while he talks about #USA Military #KIA and his dead son would have been condemned by decent, religious #Republicans and all #Americans.

‘These rogue twins attempt to make Tuesday night’s State of the Union address all about them  went horribly awry. But these two radical lawmaker’s timing made the circumstances much worse:They didn’t only interrupt the State of the Union address, and didn’t just falsely blame Biden for a terrorist attack in Afghanistan, they heckled the president while he honored fallen American troops.

WATCH: Jen Psaki Responds to Taylor Greene, Boebert’s Heckling From Last Night’s SOTU…

Rif RAF refers to a group of low-life folks who are not respectable or honestFrom Old French rif et raf one and all. of Germanic origin. The first word is from rifler (“to scrape off”) and the last is from raffler, related to rafler or to plunder.

Dennis The Menace