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The American public increasingly demands Supreme Court's Alito and Thomas to step aside from Trump in all cases immediately

Thomas and Alito's perceived lack of self-awareness and intellectual depth, contrast them with the hypothetical scenario of Justice Scalia.

The Clearance Thomas and Slimy Alito wrestling tag team is going to be difficult to pin down because of the way our laws are structured.

The argument here is that while Scalia might have been capable of weathering criticism due to his intellectual prowess, Alito and Thomas cannot recognize their moral failings or engage in metacognition.

Frederich Nietzsche's idea about some people being ignorant of their condition is invoked to suggest that Alito and Thomas lack intelligence or moral compass, therefore are not capable of realizing their shortcomings, or if they do, they're not showing any outward signs of reflection or contrition. The critique extends to their inability to engage in metacognition, which is seen as a hallmark of the best intellects.

It's a sharp criticism, suggesting that despite their reputations and positions, Alito and Thomas fall short in terms of self-awareness and critical reflection.

‘They both must recuse or be removed from Trump cases. Finally, we don’t know about SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts’ wife and her political shenanigans but according to  published reports, Chief Justice John Roberts’ Wife Made Over $10 Million As Legal Consultant…

Democratic senators request meeting with Chief Justice Roberts over flags flown at Alito’s homes…