Separate Weed From Hash

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USA Colleges and University researchers are studying weed’s health effects and it is being funded by Big Cannabis.

Hashish, also known as a "dry herb, hay" is a drug made by compressing and processing parts of the cannabis plant, typically focusing on flowering buds containing the most trichomes. It is consumed by smoking, typically in a pipe, bong, vaporizer, or joint, or via oral ingestion.

When UCLA started its cannabis research initiative five years ago, the university hailed the undertaking as one of the first academic programs in the world dedicated to studying the health impacts of pot.

The LA Times asked UCLA officials whether the university accepted donations from the industry to support the program. They said no.

However, documents show that cannabis companies and investors provided at least some of the early financial support, writing checks for tens of thousands of dollars in donations and assisting with fundraising events.

The industry support underscores potential conflicts of interest as pot goes mainstream and researchers try to assess the health and other impacts of cannabis.…