Skill-set Matters

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For years I have said that individual skills are increasingly as important as earning an advanced higher education degree. 

Gaining experience while pursuing a college degree is what I decided on. It allowed me to begin working and gaining experience immediately. Some types of professional positions or skilled trades may prefer candidates with relevant experience. During my internship, I developed important skills, and on-the-job training to handle real-world problems.

Now finally, some of that mindset is actually spreading throughout the international national business valleys and hilltops.

LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky: Skills, Not Degrees, Matter Most in Hiring…;

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LinkedIn’s CEO says skills are replacing a college degree in this job market

Ryan Roslansky joins the CEOs of General Motors, IBM, and Accenture in putting the emphasis on skills, not pedigree, when hiring.…

Professional success can be assessed through education and experience. Grades and coursework show a candidate's academic intelligence and discipline. Performance is measurable in experience as well, which can be shown in the form of the completion of goals and producing results. Many employers will hire a candidate with an additional degree to make up for a lack of experience.

While an advanced degree may point out the candidate's ability to complete academic work, some organizations place importance on degrees and grades as a good indication of the candidate’s mental capability. Employers want to hire smart individuals to be part of the team.

Experience is primordial Because it demonstrates a person has labored in a professional setting. Working teaches individual work ethics and critical and analytical skills that cannot be learned inside the classroom. Experience also shows that a candidate is familiar with how the industry works, and will likely require less training than an inexperienced employee.

We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it -- and stop there; lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove-lid.

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