The Gang’s Almost Here

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There is a new abnormal at The United Nations General Assembly after three years of video conferences due to the global pandemic.

To anyone out there:
I only ask that you care before it’s too late,
That you live aware and awake,
That you lead with love in hours of hate."

Listen as Amanda Gorman reads her new poem, "An Ode We Owe," before the U.N. General Assembly…

Sitting arrangements in the General Assembly Hall change for each session. During this 77th Session 2022-2023, Belize will occupy the first seat in the Hall, including in the Main Committees followed by all the other countries, in English alphabetical order.

Hail, the gang is almost here as world leaders representing 193 UN member countries were attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II forcing their missions to the UN to scramble to reschedule itineraries. 

#USA POTUS - President Joe Biden will speak on Wednesday morning instead of taking America's traditional second speaking slot after Brazil on Tuesday. Biden has also built in time for chats with country leaders in London, which may limit some discussions in Manhattan.

    Meanwhile, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky will be the only world leader to speak by video, occupied as he is by the war in his country. The Assembly on Friday overrode Russian objections to permit Zelensky to speak virtually.

    Also, the pandemic is not the only issue the world faces. Racism, intolerance, inequality, climate change, poverty, hunger, armed conflict, and other ills remain global challenges. These challenges call for global action, and the General Assembly is a critical opportunity for all to come together and chart a course for the future.

    World leaders are gathering this week for the 77th U.N. General Assembly, which comes as the planet is beset with crises on nearly every front.  Here’s what to expect.…