The Rise and Fall of the GOP

Submitted by ub on Thu, 02/10/2022 - 10:02

These strange bedfellows are now estranged while their political party is strained and being strangled by their own members.

Just when the Trump brand was teetering on the edge of disaster, along came a British immigrant who was selling $18 T-shirts on Venice Beach. That shirt seller, Mark Burnett, had transformed himself into the creator and chief architect of the TV reality show with the help of Jeff Zucker at NBC turned a loser and empty suit and a fake businessman into a celebrity and with the support of  Russian Communist Dictator Vladimir Putin the political candidate who stole the 2016 USA election.

The Donald needed a calm presence to balance out his thousands of lies, a boisterous style, and outrageous comments. Meanwhile, since I was teaching journalism in Indiana, I knew the Governor's re-election prospects were increasingly grim. Therefore joining this strange ticket was dense Pence's last-ditch effort for the national spotlight.

While these two members of the GOP were in office, their staff reportedly discovered wads of printed documents clogging the toilet and it was believed that pieces of important evidence were being flushed down the bowl. They were warned over and over. And yet continued to destroy official records right up until the end. It's time to be held accountable. POTUS VP 45 “exclusively responsible” to preserve his WH records, 44USC1303; “remove/destroy” is fed crime that “disqualifies” from “holding any office,” 18USC2071. This alone demands prosecution and disqualification. AG can toss in seditious conspiracy and insurrection.

A New York Times journalist takes a swipe at claims of sitting on Trump #ToiletGate implying they're full of crap…

Maggie Haberman said she did not learn that the former president may have flushed important documents down White House toilets until after he was out of office. Trump May Have Destroyed WHite House septic tank system by flushing the documents down the toilet

The Republicans will no longer deny the will of USA voters, and while the GOP is led by people that world leaders say are not capable of governing, they can not and will not move America forward. Is the RNC a Republican National Cult?

The GOP’s bad bet: Declaring war on the truth. Despite Trump’s cult-like base, his attempted auto-coup is a huge target for Republican rivals. Think of the completely accurate campaign ads that could be made encapsulating Trump’s foul scheming in a TV nutshell.

Tracking Trump A Rundown Of All The Investigations And Cases Involving The Former President”…