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How safe is our drinking water?

Bottled. Filtered. Straight from the tap. There’s never been a wider range of options for our drinking water throughout the USA.

Water H 2 O is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance, which is the main constituent of Earth's hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms. It is vital for all known forms of life, despite providing neither food, energy, nor organic micronutrients.

There are numerous water bottle brands available, but as you’re about to find out, certain ones rank better than others for specific reasons.


Then there are a vast variety of bottled water varieties, including spring, distilled, and purified. So which is best for us?

A summary, the top 10 cities with the best tap water in the USA safe for drinking are Louisville, Oklahoma, Silverdale, Greenville, Fort Collins, Manchester, Chicago, Stevens Point, and New York City.

Here’re the cities with reportedly the best tap water and the cleanest tap water in the USA cities. Cities with Best Tap Water.

Denver, Colorado – Clean Brisk-taste Water 

The Denver water is drawn directly from natural sources – the snowmelt – with the water emerging from the watersheds and getting delivered clean through a treatment plant. 

But the Denver water is treated as outlined by the federal requirements and the Public Health Department of Colorado – surpassing the minimum standards. 

But the report on water quality shows that the Denver water has some water contaminants including poly-fluoroalkyl, lead, giardia, and cryptosporidium. 

The Denver water comes mainly from the snowmelt Rocky Mountains – giving some icy cold and refreshing water – the water taste is grassy, mineral, and brisk. 

Giardia and Cryptosporidium – The organisms in the Denver water are thought to have gotten there via animal waste that is infected. Lead is mainly found in gasoline, toys, and paint, plus it may be found in the faucets and water pipes – but Denver ensures that its water is cleaned off the lead.

The Denver water doesn’t contact any PFAS PFAS activities (that may damage the water quality) like in making furniture, clothing, and carpets and that may contaminate well water and groundwater. 

Denver, Colorado has many geographical features such as mountains – locations where water will form. The water will emerge from Rocky snowmelt – cleaning Denver water with a brisk taste. 

Louisville, Kentucky – Best-tasting Tap Water

Louisville is the city that has the cleanest drinking water. The city is known to have tap water that is classified as the best tasting in the USA. 

In Louisville, clean water may all be attributed to filters. So, where does Louisville get its water? The water comes from 5 riverbank-filtration wells and the Ohio River – via Treatment plants. 

According to Homes dot com, Louisville Water strictly adheres to the standards outlined by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – over 200 water-safety tests are conducted daily by scientists. 

Louisville has trademarked its tap water – in fact in a blind taste test, Busy Philipps classified the water as the most refreshing. But a 2019 water-quality report by EWG on PFAS levels shows that they detected 16 water contaminants (45.2 parts-per-trillion) including perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). So, the Louisville tap water ranking is lower now since the discovery of PFAS that harm the natural hormones or immune system, raise cholesterol, or cancer. 

Besides manufacturing excellent baseball bats, Louisville has great water – it is filtered via gravel and sand to make it clean and safe. 

New York City, NY

The reservoirs in the Catskill Mountains supply a billion gallons of water daily – which later travel for about 125 miles. The city is documented to have great-tasting tap water like bagels or pizza. 

But the NYC water has some pollutants that you might not taste in the water. Some of the pollutants arise from industrial discharge. 

The Croton, Delaware, and Catskill watersheds (Upstate New York) supply most of the NYC water. Consider public health and scientific recommendations on the NYC un-filtered tap water. 

Pediatrics Journal reports that fluoride exposure that was added into the NYC water to hinder dental decay could lower the childhood IQ – if the water is taken during pregnancy.

So, legally, the NYC water is safe for drinking but it would be helpful to filter the water off the fluoride and other sediments like microplastics, chloramine, bad odor, or foul taste. 

Tap water in NYC contains some lead – this is mainly due to the lead making some of the un-updated pipe fittings, welding solder, and plumbing fixtures. 

But you can remove the lead from the NYC water through Reverse Osmosis to eject lead and leave you with clean drinking water. 

You can use Reverse Osmosis to remove the Arsenic derived from soil and rocks (or agricultural and industrial processes like coal burning, or mining) with low ground-water levels 

Other minor NYC water elements as outlined by the EWG in tap water include Strontium, Nitrite, Nitrate, Monochloroacetic acid, Haloacetic acid, Chromium, Chlorate, and 1,4-Dioxane. 

Oklahoma City – Man-Made Lakes

A recent water-quality analysis on 55 sites in Oklahoma reported that the city’s water is safe for drinking as outlined by Chris Brown, the Oklahoma Utilities Director. 

The Directo5r noted that Oklahoma water meets the DEQ and EPA standards for quality and safety. But residents who experienced low are urged to follow the boil advisory

The man-made lakes (six) in Oklahoma are the key water sources for the city – as opposed to having natural sources.

The water is filtered & ozone-treated winning the 2013 and 2017 AWWA awards. So, yes, the Oklahoma City water is drinkable directly from the tap. 

Silverdale, Washington 

Silverdale sounds just like a thing that has some silver or refreshing water. – and the 2009 AWWA report ranked the water 2nd in a water “taste-off”. 

The city gets its tasty water (groundwater) from some deep permeable rock (aquifer) – which guarantees superior water quality – the freshwater may even be taken untreated. 

The Green Mountain water is described as spectacular – infect some residents say that the rainwater dropping on the aquifer may also be consumed. 

Thus, you don’t have to filter or even treat the Green Mountain (Silverdale) water – simply scoop the ware with bare but clean)hands and take your drink. 

Greenville, South Carolina 

The Greenville water has been classified as “Best Tasting” 3 times – it emerges from the Lake Keowee and Greenville mountain watersheds. 

The forested areas (about 26,000 acres) around the Blue Ridge Mountains have watersheds to ensure it’s clean but they are also treated with state-of-the-art tech. 

Greenville Water has maintained high-quality water by treating and protecting the process and the product. The tap water is a great taste from the pristine Blue-Ridge foothills.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins offers reliable and high-quality drinking water that matches and exceeds the federal purity standards.

I describe it as aesthetically pleasing, affordable, and safe for drinking. 

The Fort Collins city notes that their Treatment Facility can handle over 87 million gallons daily – with the water later running for over 525 miles of water lines that are underground. 

The EPA report on corrosion control shows that the Fort Collins water and water pipes lack copper and lead thanks to the program dubbed corrosion control. 

The Fort Collins Water Treatment generated 8.3 billion gallons of safe and clean drinking water headed into businesses and Collins homes.

The Cache La Poudre River supplies the Fort Collins water through various mountain snowmelt – and it is filtred via coal and finally treated using chlorine.

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