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The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing China includes a message and a suggestion for everyone. No political protests, please?

It is bad enough that Communist dictators continue holding on to power over their people. However, world athletes have gathered to compete celebrate, as the International Olympic Committee continues to ban the Russian flag following their doping scandal. Athletes are there to compete without cheating or using any enhancement drugs. which are banned. 

No leader of a big Western power is attending. Meanwhile, as tensions mount over Ukraine, Vladimir Putin pretends to be sleeping during the opening ceremonies as his most important guest, and Xi Jinping's “best friend” may be realizing why he is such a small figure in world politics and his economy is in trouble.

Vladimir Putin appears to fall ASLEEP when the #Ukrainian team walks out at the Winter #Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing while Xi Jinping gets a one-minute ovation as Games get underway with strict Covid restrictions

Putin snubbed Ukraine's athletes as he appeared to take a nap as they arrived at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Beijing today, a moment of political drama as the threat of war hung heavy over the Games.

The Russian strongman - who attended despite Russia being officially banned due to doping - sat with his arms folded and eyes closed for several seconds on TV feeds as Ukraine's athletes processed into the Bird's Nest stadium on Friday. It comes amid fears he is about to invade their home country, sparking the worst standoff with the West since the Cold War.…

Beijing’s Winter Olympics sees a world divided

The West has concluded that China will not make it nicer…

Here's what to know about the ROC and why Russia can't compete at the Beijing Olympics #Beijing2022

Vladimir Putin Is Caught Sleeping at the 2022 Winter Olympics ... Vladimir Putin Is Caught Sleeping at the 2022 Winter Olympics and Of Course, the Internet's Got Jokes