A Failing Falling GOP

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As a former @USAGov Division Chief for George HW Bush, the last real Republican POTUS, it brings me no pleasure to ask
why American voters ignored the lies and warning signs of the GOP White House and #CULT45 inflicted on our Democracy? How could Republican leaders have voiced early alarms about a rogue president, then discussed it but set them aside? Possibly because they are liars who distort reality to shape their politics. These people are immune to evidence, logic, or scientific information, and they continue to recycle them.

They lost the US House of Representatives, The While House, and then The Senate under lame-duck Donald at the end of a losing single-term, in which his USA approval ratings were underwater before during, and after his first impeachment and now as his second impeachment trial looms, now the Republicans are contemplating their real future prospects.

Has the GOP adopted a white power cult of personality as its ideology? Can the Grand Old Party again become a political organization with real policies, including a platform and a pledge to govern beyond tax cuts for the wealthy and a fervent desire to appoint far-right judges?

The same Republican so-called leaders who weaponized social media against Democracy and their critics are now desperately complaining after We The People voted overwhelmingly against them and are now utilizing similar social media tactics to save our young Republic.

A couple of weeks ago the Republican leaders of the Senate and US House of Representatives Just two weeks ago, House voiced Trump's culpability in the deadly attack on the US Capitol. Their sudden turnaround points to Republicans failing and falling fast. After the deadly January six invasion of Capitol Hill, several Republican figures wanted to ditch Lame-Duck-Donald and, blame him for inciting the mob, and move away. It took them days to begin crawling back like babies thirsty for breast milk.

Meanwhile, Lame-Duck Donald's transition from the White House to the outhouse could make him a stranger in a strange land. It was 28 years ago when the town of Palm Beach agreed to him to stay at the resort for seven days at a time, and now local government officials may be eying squatter rights issues.