A GOP Fraud

Submitted by ub on Thu, 09/02/2021 - 10:42

Why would he sell his DC hotel if he intends to run for publi office again? He knows he is going to lose because he’s a GOP fraud.

Meanwhile, another one testifying. Is he expected to say the former guy is nothing but a freaking fraud and a liar?

Matthew Calamari, the Trump Organization's corporate director of security, will testify before the Manhattan grand jury investigating Trump's company and its business affairs.

Meanwhile, a judge schedules a status conference in the prosecution of former Trump advisor Thomas Barrack. Barrack, 74, was arrested on 20 July on federal charges of illegally lobbying on behalf of the UAE, obstructing justice, and lying to the FBI. He was released on a $250 M bail.

As Republicans are calling for Biden to resign for implementing the former guy's agreement with The Taliban they think the hopelessly incompetent golfer could have done any better. 

I would rather have a President who knows what grief is, who is human enough to empathize with others, as opposed to a jackass who sees that emotion as weakness and has sold out to Communist Russia.

The former guy sent out this email. "This tragedy should have never taken place. It should NOT have happened, and it would not have happened if I were your President. I promise you that I will never stop fighting to Save America from Joe Biden's disastrous administration." (But why is he lying? He was not even capable of securing the US Capitol on January 6 with the US VP there.)

Also, in January the USA economy was averaging 30k new jobs per month. When we got rid of the former idiot and brought a real leader to the White House those numbers got significantly better. Each of the past 3 months we’ve added nearly a million new American jobs to the economy.

He lost the election fair and square because intelligent Americans sold him out. The Republican solution is for deplorable candidates to take over the GOP from the bottom up, from the lowest rung in the party organization. We found 1000s of Trump supporters taking over local GOP positions — an unprecedented grassroots groundswell devoted to an idiotic insistence that the 2020 election was stolen and Republicans need to stop that from happening again https://propublica.org/article/heeding-steve-bannons-call-election-deni…

In fact, He has no interest in having real hair or a real heir, and the GOP fears he will sabotage the primaries. Historic flooding, fires, heat, and millions without power as we experience neighborhoods under water and lives needlessly lost. Does the USA have one so-called leader of a political party denying climate change and rejecting an infrastructure bill?

Finally, it’s the most profane and criminal individuals, like Italy’s Mussolini and #USA’s both serial sex assaulters who are embraced by religious institutions as the Men to Save the Nation?

A real Republican, Liz Cheney is named as vice-chair of U.S. House panel investigating January 6 attack http://reut.rs/38wFsJj

If anyone thinks the former guy is tough, then Pee-wee Herman is The USA Macho Man and Captain America combined.