A Folly of Failures

Submitted by ub on Tue, 05/26/2020 - 06:19

History will record a folly of failures that could have prevented the global pandemic which has killed so many innocent humans. The lack of leadership and sincerity for five dangerous days in PRC followed by five long and devastating weeks in the USA.

While I was working for the second wave of the late and great Reagan Bush Republican administration, there was a phrase that President Ronald Regan subscribed to, but Trump never did because he has trusted the Communists way too much.

The phrase of Trust, but verify is a rhyming Communist Russian proverb became internationally known in English when used by Ronald Reagan but Trump was never a good student and does not like to read because he thinks he knows more than anyone.

Trust but Verify was used on several occasions in the context of nuclear disarmament discussions with Russia.
Why are facing we facing a global pandemonium while Republicans continue to protect a dangerous dunce and his sidekick dense?

The whole world has been watching as Chinese officials dangerously dragged their heels for days and Americans followed for weeks by trusting and not verifying the information, but simply relying on ignorance, denial, and blind faith.

We own #Covis19 after the nonsensical comments coming out of the mouths of Trump and Pence. #POTUS predicted it would just "miraculously" disappear. later the #VP assure everyone that it would be history by Memorial Day. WHAT???

Now these two are eyeing a nuclear test and if the past is any indication, it may seem that we're all going to fry and die.  The #morbidlyobse one says #coronavirus made him a wartime president. He’s a disastrous commander in chief without a war plan and undercuts generals, has not equipped troops for battle, and is dividing America. 

This Republican administration has reportedly discussed conducting America’s first nuclear test in nearly 30 years. It came up after US officials reportedly claimed that China and Russia were considering conducting tests. Neijing and Moscow denied the claims, but the US should verify and offerer evidence to We The People. They work for all of us. Therefore, it is up to everyone to contact your individual representatives and demand answers before its too late. https://deargovernment.info/  https://dearmrpresident.org/

During a mid-May meeting inside the White House, US national security officials discussed the first test explosion since 1992 to pressure the Communists into signing up for a new arms-control agreement. They say Moscow and Beijing would pay attention to the US capability of carrying out a rapid test” and that it would be a powerful negotiating tool, according to The Washington Post