Americans Must Vote

Submitted by ub on Fri, 08/16/2019 - 06:05

We’re not telling you to vote for any specific candidate, but we are asking you to vote. In order to cast a ballot, we must be legally registered. We have a Constitutional responsibility and we must exercise it before we lose it.

Regardless of what anyone says to scare us to vote one way or another, it is our individual right as an American citizen. The Voting Rights Act ensures that state and local governments do not pass laws or policies that deny American citizens the equal right to vote based on race.

As the leading democracy of the world, #USA should work to keep voting free, fair, and accessible. That’s why voting is important. It makes sure every citizen, regardless of their race, has an equal opportunity to have a say and participate in our great democracy.

Suffrage, or political franchise is the right to vote in public, or political elections. Eligibility to vote in the United States is established through the US Constitution and by state law. Several constitutional amendments require that voting rights cannot be abridged on account of race, color, previous condition of servitude, sex, or age for those above 18; the constitution as originally written did not establish any such rights during 1787–1870. In the absence of a specific federal law or constitutional provision, each state is given considerable discretion to establish qualifications for suffrage and candidacy within its own respective jurisdiction; in addition, states and lower level jurisdictions establish election systems, such as at-large or single member district elections for county councils or school boards.

Over the past years, American voters went straight from shock and disappointment to anger and resentment. In some cases, POTUS morphed from a favorite candidate to someone who owes us something. We don't always realize it when we are going through emotional changes, but we are in overdose mode and we need to be informed and prepare ourselves to cast our ballot.

The bully pulpit is a powerful space because the president always attracts more attention than anyone else, regardless of who they are and what they say or do.

Our suggestion is to stick with the major organizations like The AP and Reuters which have collectively been reporting the news for hundreds of years, regardless of what anyone says about fake news.

Whenever they publish an article, these organizations are reflecting what occurred, not offering a point of view, unless otherwise noted as analysis or opinion. There is a vast and wide difference between NEWS and VIEWS.

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