Biting The Bullet

Submitted by ub on Tue, 08/06/2019 - 10:21

First, allow me to say that as a veteran journalist and news manager, I’ve traveled throughout Asia, where video games in cities like Tokyo and Shanghai are extremely popular, but guns are not. Politicians including @POTUS have blamed violence on video games for years. This is yet another lie. In fact, data on bananas causing suicides have about the same correlation.

Also, it’s amusing to see the methods each publication takes instead of editorial boards biting the bullet and reacting like grownups.

In his address to the nation, POTUS began strong calling for urgent action after shootings but unfortunately ended up failing to offer very few details.

Trump's hometown newspapers in New York City decided to take different approaches following POTUS address to the nation.

#NewYorkTimes caused controversy for its soft-touch way in which it framed President Donald Trump’s comments about the weekend’s mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

#NewYorkDailyNews, however, cut straight to the chase.

Trump’s hometown tabloid used its Tuesday cover to hammer the president for his “Empty Words.”

The story linked to the cover was titled “Trump calls for ‘love,’ unity and bipartisanship to prevent more mass shootings, but keeps pushing NRA talking points.”

The New York Post

Why is it that while Americans grieved the deadly mass shootings in Texas, and then Ohio, POTUS was chilling and whooping it up crashing another wedding held at his New Jersey golf club and taking it nice and easy and then all we get is more political posturing?