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The monthly meeting of the City Island Civic Assn will take place this coming Tuesday, July 26 @ 7:30 PM. It will be held in the usual location, the Community Center.


Civic Association, Minutes of Meeting held June 28, 2011

The meeting was brought to order at 7:40 p.m. The minutes of the May minutes were accepted as distributed. The treasurer was not present to give his report.

Traffic: Paul Nani was unable to attend, but all agreed that thanks to the efforts of the 45th precinct, traffic control is much improved over previous years.

Crime: Bill Stanton reported that there has been a tremendous number of noise complaints from the various restaurants, especially Seafood City. Live music is being played outdoors or blasted from cars in the parking lots. Residents are advised to call 311 to make a complaint and are urged to email the complaint to the Civic Association at We will also ask DEP to take notice of the noise complaints. Reports can be anonymous.Barbara Dolensek read the Blotter section from the July/August Current, which indicates 22 arrests for DWI here, in addition to other arrests. Bill reported that there are a lot of drug dealers on City Island; the barber shop has been closed down due to drug activity there. There is also an increased amount of graffiti. Senator Klein has a graffiti program and will send someone out to paint over graffiti. Residents are urged to take photographs of graffiti and report the activity to 311. It was suggested that putting murals on walls actually helps prevent graffiti.

Only one percent of the population comes to Civic meetings, and everyone is urged to bring their neighbors and friends. We need more participation.

Development: Barbara Dolensek reported that the Civic will have a role to play if the Italian Hospital Society proceeds to ask for zoning changes or variances for the senior residence that is being projected for Schofield Street. There seems to be a general consensus that with 200 tiny units at market value ($1200 to $1500 for 475 square feet), this could be considered another case of over development. The parking is not adequate. No permit requests have been filed for this project.

John Doyle reported that the sales tax revenue in zip code 10464 in2009 was $4.5 million; in 2010 it was $4.4 million. This is a considerable amount of money and the city should pay attention to us. He also reported that the rims of new cars are now being stolen and advised residents to record their VIN on the rims to help in recovering them. Air quality is being monitored in the Locust Point area because of the significant traffic flow into the area. The security camera project has been approved but all such grants are now being held up in Albany.

Brett Collazzi of Jimmy Vacca’s office reported that the budget is being voted on tonight and that our ladder company and the other firehouses have been saved, thanks in large part to Jimmy’s efforts.

Other business: Signs are being requested for Reynolds Street because there are issues with parking all over the avenue there. Tow trucks are not allowed to park on side streets at night, so report them if you see them. Motorcycle noise, especially late at night, continues to be an issue.

Many insurance companies are no longer writing insurance for this area, which is a serious issue. It was suggested that we invite some insurance experts to discuss this issue at a future meeting.