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While most Americans watched the disastrous devastation in Puerto Rico on their television, or computer screens, US citizens in that enchanted Caribbean island experienced it up close and personal.

44-year-old Josue Rivera is an American citizen, a military veteran, a New York City resident. He recently endured many sleepless nights following hurricane Maria.

You see, Josue had just returned from his Summer vacation in Puerto Rico prior to Maria destroying the island and rightfully worried about his 76-year-old mother, his four aunts, and other family members who live there. Josue has offered refuge by opening his doors to his mom and family members, Bienvenidos, Familia es Cariño.

Last night, on board a crowded flight, Elbin, as she is known by her sisters arrived from Puerto Rico. Today, we celebrated with wine and prayers. On this special Sunday, Elba Alicia Rivera Ortiz recited the words taught to her by her mother. Virgen de la Providencia, Patrona de Puerto Rico https://youtu.be/03IsrJcIyFo https://youtu.be/iBzu008jVpg

All that Puerto Ricans now want to hear from their US brothers and sisters is, you'll never again walk alone.

Meanwhile, The Simpsons have decided to lend their support for Puerto Rico. 'The Simpsons' urges aid for Puerto Rico at the end of season premiere http://ti.me/2fCRfu5 The Simpsons Appeal For Puerto Rico Aid https://youtu.be/cjn4tCu8ff4 via @YouTube