Common Truths

Submitted by ub on Tue, 06/15/2021 - 09:03

A breakdown of America’s political tribes overlooks the millions that voted for a real POTUS. Saluting USA working-class heroes.

US politics feels like a fight to the death between well-meaning patriots out to defend the good of the country and madmen who aim to destroy it. As @TheDemocrats continue to represent forgotten Americans, they will keep voting for real representation. Taxpayers and registered voters, it's now time to wake up and smell reality. The truth is that Democrats will always continue to be advocates for the common man.

Republicans only care about corporations and they want the money to go to them and not of the common man the undistinguished commoner lacking class or rank distinction or special attributes.

Getting a conversation going sometimes requires just one thing: telling the truth. But getting people, to tell the truth, can be tricky. Perhaps the most efficient method is the old standby conversation game: Truth or Dare.

Tell your Representatives in Congress to bring up separate and individual items for a vote, so all can see how the opposition is obstructing progress. Share all your ideas and best practices with your elected officials.

As we grow older and hopefully wiser, we continue to find that the world is more complicated than what we were brought up to believe. And as much as we’d like to protect ourselves from the harsh realities of life by living in denial and pretending like everything’s fine, there are always some things we know to be true but wish they actually weren’t. So, get busy!